Month: January 2015

Where Have All The Horses Gone?

Guest OpEd by “Calamity” Cate Crismani of TrueCowboy Magazine “Fiscal Year 2012, out of 10,350 wild horses and burros gathered, a total of 80 animals, or approximately three-quarters of one percent (0.77 percent), died or were euthanized during gather operations” Did you know that in the last forty […]

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Guardian’s Wild Horse Meat Story Contains 92% Beef

SOURCE:  The Daily Pitchfork by Vickery Eckhoff Photo: Jennifer Maharry Rated: F Article Review: “Why You Really Should (But Really Can’t) Eat Horse Meat“ the Guardian  –  Jan 09, 2015 Michael Moss’ powerful New York Times’ investigation into the United States Department of Agriculture’s Meat Animal Research Center (“U.S. Research Lab Lets […]

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