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Horse activists ejected from BLM meeting

by Kurt Hildebrand as published in the Record-Courier

Wild horse rights activists said they were ejected from a public meeting held by the Bureau of Land Management and lost their hotel rooms in the process on Thursday night.

The members of Friends of Animals, who flew across the country to protest at Thursday’s meeting on the Pine Nut Resource Management Plan, had a different definition of public comment than the agency did.

BLM Project Manager Colleen Sievers said that the meeting was to explain how to comment on the document, which is in the draft stage. The bureau didn’t have a court recorder present to take comments at the meeting.

After Sievers was done, Edita Birnkrant, director of New York Friends of Animals, grabbed the microphone and unfurled a yellow banner, and as some members of the audience booed, said the BLM was abusing wild horses.

The microphone was turned off after short time, but Birnkrant continued to yell…(CONTINUED)

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  1. WOW !!!!!!! So much for freedom of speech. And you think our government didn’t have something to do with them losing their hotel rooms? GOOD FOR THEM at least they got up and did something. Way to go !!!!!!


    Dept. of Interior Ignoring Ethical Violations at BLM, Secret Dealings with Energy Industry

    Shady dealings have been going on between oil & gas regulators and, well, the oil & gas industry, in the Bureau of Land Management’s Casper, Wyoming office–and the Department of the Interior likely knew and just let them slip by.

    The Project on Government Oversight has the scoop on reports by the DOI Inspector General showing that–not surprisingly, which is perhaps the saddest part-“officials in the bureau either didn’t care about what was going on in Casper or, just as damning, lacked a basic understanding of their own rules,” according to the group’s executive director.Read more in POGO’s full letter to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar (although it’s not the first he’s received about ethical violations within BLM), but here’s the gist of that letter, from POGO:


  3. Not being at this meeting I cannot really comment on the actions of the people involved but here is an explanation that “fits” BLM and most anyone who is not getting any financial benefit (salary or otherwise) and who has dealt with them will agree:
    Understand what a pathological liar is. Basically, a pathological liar is someone who tells lies habitually, chronically and compulsively. It has simply become a way of life for this person, to make up things for a variety of reasons and eventually, the truth becomes uncomfortable.


    • While I came into this years ago thinking that there must be (at least in part) some redeeming truth on the part of the government’s stance, I now completely concur with your assessment of this travesty. The BLM will cobble together any misrepresentation that it can dream up to justify the continued removal, torture and killing of our wild horses.


  4. Did anyone really think they would be allowed to speak freely? This doesn’t surprise me one bit. The locals have been given their orders. If this happened in DC people would not be treated that way. I hope that they will fill a law suit against the BLM for lack of freedom of speech. Protests should be held in Washington which are viduable to our Legislators. Protests can also be held at state’s capital. It seems like states want to enforce state laws only. This is being done by states ignoring federal law. Someone needs to tell them that they cannot ignore federal law. At least they went down fighting for wild horses and burros that we all love. Jusn disgusting.


  5. When they want to hear the truth the Proslaughter BLM turns microphone Off. However……they already know the horses r abused…..they r doing it!


  6. Explaining public comments??? While shutting off the microphone should prove to the President they dont want to hear the American Public at the BLM! So why explain public commenting if they Refuse them All?


  7. Sad but True….it takes extreme measures to get media and public attention.
    Most of these meetings go on in a “business as usual-Delphi” fashion.
    The agency runs the show and the special interests run the agency.
    Public taxpayers/stakeholders, while allowed to attend, are not particularly welcome, especially if they have differing opinions as to Public Land use.
    Wild Horse and Burro lovers are apt to feel as though they have crashed a private party….even though they are the ones picking up the tab.


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