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The Destruction of Our Wild Burro Herds Accelerates

After being chased by a helicopter and roped and kicked by this wrangler who is paid with our tax money, this wild burro is then further abused by being pulled by the ears.  Photo by Carl Mrozek

After being chased by a helicopter and roped and kicked by this wrangler who is paid with our tax money, this wild burro is then further abused by being pulled by the ears.
Photo by Carl Mrozek

What will be the fate of our captured Wild Horses and Burros?  With the past evidence of our wild horses and burros “disappearing” under the supposed “protection” of BLM and with the past BLM record of roundup brutality … I am afraid to even think about it … but it is happening NOW … and the few Wild Burro Herds that remain on American soil will disappear forever unless the unwarranted roundups and removals are stopped.

In March of 1981, 648 American wild burros were secretly shot and killed under direction of the U.S. Navy at California’s China Lake Naval Weapons Center.  The Animal Legal Defense Fund – stepped in after they heard about the 1981 mass murder and were able to save some burros.  Then in 2011 China Lake NWC captured and removed more burros and the “word” was that they are doing it because the burros had  been seen eating the LAWN of the office!  Now, it appears that ALL burros from both the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station and the nearby Centennial Herd Management Area (not managed for burros) will be captured and removed in the immediately. $148,245 has already been allocated to Cattoor Livestock Inc. for the roundup, which is due to start on January 16 and continue through January 20.


CNN aired this shocking video of a BLM contractor knocking over a wild burro with the helicopter skids.  The footage was captured by film maker Carl Mrozek.

Here is an example of how BLM “plays the game” (i.e. BLM’s deception to the public):

BLM states on their 2015 winter gather schedule that 20 burros will be captured from NE California’s Twin Peaks HMA but the actual legal (cx) document clearly states they plan to capture and remove from 90-110 of our wild burros!  This is another example of BLM’s deception to the public regarding what they say to us (the public) versus what they REALLY plan on doing.

At the 2013 BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting, Dr. Lori Eggert, University of Missouri, said that genetic diversity of burro populations are well below what you would see in healthy populations and that 12 burro HMAs have populations between 2 and 49 animals.  Those herds are far below the population numbers for genetically healthy herds.

According to a 2007 Wild Horse & Burro Capture Status Report obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by American Horse Defense Fund, 12% of the burros rounded up in March of 2007 were dead within six months of the gather.  That’s a far cry from the 1-2% BLM is so fond of sharing with the public.

The following account from an article in AMERICAN HERDS reveals a chilling insight into what happens behind the scenes, away from public scrutiny:

“An eyewitness exposed how yet another lone burro was run for miles via helicopter until it collapsed.  If this weren’t enough, contractors then proceeded to jump up and down on the helpless burros rib cage and belly, grabbed its ears and repeatedly slammed its head into the ground until, finally satisfied, walked away to leave the burro to die a long and agonizing death.”

America’s Federally Protected Wild Horses and Burros deserve better than this!


The Burros at China Lake – Animal Legal Defense Fund

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  1. This makes me ill. I can’t stand to see this. I want it stopped now. This is complete Insanity at its best. As soon as I get my SpindleTop MONEY I will Rescue all of them !!!! If there are any left to rescue.


  2. Horrific statistics showing the BLM is just bound and determined to waste billions more in taxpayer dollars to continue their “Wild Horse and Burro Management to Extinction” program. Hope we, Wild Horse Warriors, can get these roundups stopped and free our 50,000 wild ones from BLM Hell Holding facilities. The taxpayers must be informed about these atrocities…


  3. This is frightening information but needs to be said – and needs to be said loud and clear all over the media and to every American citizen.
    Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the human infliction of suffering or harm upon non-human animals, for purposes other than self-defense or survival.
    My head and heart will be bowed in shame for the next week as our wild burros are tormented by this unnecessary capture of nature’s wonderful creatures.


  4. This is the technical rationale for zeroing out the Centennial burro herd via a confidential source, although this may well be straight from the China Lake EA:

    ‘The 1994 California Desert Protection Act assigned the Secretary of the Navy responsibility for the management of wild horses and burros located on their administered lands. The majority of the Centennial and Slate Range Herd Areas (HAs) are within the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station.

    The 1981Amendment 24 to the Bureau of Land Management California Desert District, California Desert Conservation Area Plan (1980) deleted the Centennial and Slate Range HMA’s for burros, because of the conflicts that they were imposing on the NAWS.”

    It is worth noting that the Centennial HMA was once the epicenter of wild burro habitat in CA. Regrettably, Amendment 24 has been used to justify the removal of tens of thousands of burros from California since 1981. California once had the largest wild burro population in the West, but now ranks far behind AZ and NV, with only a handful of genetical unviable herds left, and probably no genetical healthy herds.

    Rescinding Amendment 24 is obviously necessary to end the de facto zero tolerance policy towards burros in most of the state, which once claimed the burro as the state mascot. Another option for CA and for burros in all states is to insist on Endangered species protection for them as called for by their inclusion on the IUCN Red List.


    • My thoughts exactly. Mass genocide of our wild horses and burros. Taking the cream of the crop out of the gene pool thru the BLM’s stupid Adopt a Living Legend program. We don’t want to adopt a wild horse and then support it for it’s lifetime on our dime. The public lands are there for the wild horses to grow up without human intervention. Billions of taxpayer dollars wasted to destroy our wild horse herds. There are so many domestic horses dumped into the slaughter pipeline and equine rescues are maxed out just trying to save them from human disregard. Leave the wild ones free, kick out the GD welfare ranchers, mining, oil and gas frackers that destroy the environment for private/corporate greed. Yeah, and what about those 1700 wild horses that the BLM sold to Tom Davis, who really made a killing (literally) about $35,000 by selling them for slaughter, yet the BLM cannot find a paper trail. Yeah right. I had to pass their stringent adoption conditions b4 driving 547 miles (one-way) from Oregon to Reno, Palomino Valley BLM Hell Holding facility in 2006 to pick up one internet adoption mustang baby. I was so distraught by what I saw, over 1800 wild horses separated by sex onto dry lots being fed straight alfalfa (colic recipe) with no turn outs, no enrichment, no damn salt blocks, no shelter from the temp swings of below freezing at night to over 80 F during the day (in October). 200 mares with foals on the ground in one pen covered with horse manure. Ugh! Killed me and right then and there I became a Wild Horse Warrior. Although just recently layed off from my job, I decided to fill my 3 horse trailer and save as many as I could. I bought another 8 month old and then a 3-striker (3 feeble adoption attempts and can be sold for slaughter), 1.5 yr old filly. I have never regretted my decision. Hitler does come to mind…and what he thought of the Jews is exactly how the BLM thinks of wild horses and burros…


    • Who do you think they are copying? They round them up, tattoo them, separate the family herds, instead of trains BLM uses trailers, then they send them to unsheltered concentration pens instead of concentration camps and then to slaughter. The atrocity the Jewish people had to endure was so terrible you would think it would never be allowed to be repeated but now it is to our wild horses if allowed to continue who is next?


  5. Sad but also true , seems all we can do is talk about it , which most assuridly does not change a darn thing for the Burros or the Mustangs,the zeroing out continues, the abuse , the torture , continues……………….. We need written in stone methods to stop this complete insanity !!!!!!! We have proven this is all Wrong from the start, we have done studies, experts have done studies……. All questions have been answered except one . The Question unanswered is HOW DO WE STOP THEM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  6. Duquette is stirring bees I guarantee it. They still believe processing will open. I also overheard a conversation between a couple of horse killers at a coffee house. Yeah loud enough On Purpose to say The Killing of the Mustangs is hurt the Advocates. Yes hurt as in cause pain. Its also a plan to erradicate the Stangs (their words) and then it erradicates the well conected nosey Advocates who are interferring with opening plants. They figure if they get Rid of the Stangs and their seeds the Advocates will go away and Nothing will stopbtheir plans. While we are licking our wounds they will pop up and knock out domestic slaughtering. They couldnt understand why the Indians (they actually referred to our tribal friends in a horrible way and I wont print that.) They want to ruin the political ties that are preventing slaughter by slaughtering Stangs quickly like spraying cockroaches. The fact is one of the thuggist men said its all about the cash and the connection at the BLM is making it and sharin the wealth if they can get these horses outv fast. The faster the better. When one of them walked past and said they were members of UH I said, uh? He . Said no U….H. I said so you can spell but you cant pronounce it? The look on his face was priceless.


    • Sorry the statement one man said was couldnt understand why the blanking Indians want to get involved. (The stereotyping made me angry alone as well as the Gunsmoke variety connotation of the wonderful tribes who work so hard to support the horses.) Advocates and tribes respectfully are working ever so diligently without backing down. I am so grateful to be antislaughter and to know how many wonderful people are making so many changes. I want to apologize I was interrupted and didnt proofread before pushing send.


  7. What the hell is going on with all this?! Whatever can be done to stop this and punish these pigs needs to be done now! Enough already! It’s a damn felony to abuse an animal. This includes these. Let’s do whatever is needed to stop this!


  8. If anyone can get the TV show Heartland from Canada they just had a two episode arc that dealt with Alberta’s roundup last winter. The writing was totally spot on. The directing was spot on. The acting was spot on.

    Sure it’s fictional but the protagonist was TRULY SPOT ON. His actions, words and reasons were very reminiscent of another contractor in this country.

    This arc were two OF THE VERY BEST episodes in Heartland’s eight seasons. It was so awful (the roundup section)I cried when I was finally able to watch. I realized as I was waing that folks here in the States need to watch these two episodes to understand the mentality of what we’re dealing with.

    The only backstory you need for this arc to make sense is to watch A Heartland Christmas. The people, the locale and everything will make total sense.

    As for the burros I don’t give a cows rear end how far up the food chain that Navy officer might be. He might think he’s rules the base but who foots the bill? WE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC DO! So I say tell the base to stuff it where the sun don’t shine.

    As for the contractor there are no words to describe all the evil things I hope befalls you. Surely you will rot in Outer Darkness.

    All these publicans keep ranting about how the poor keep sucking the government dry by asking for welfare. You know who the MAJOR welfare recipients are? Right there on the government payroll! THE CONTRACTORS and all the filthy blood money they charge!


  9. Wrong as said when the finances of the rich out weight the needs for the rest of the population of a country when a government entity abuses it’s authority due the theft abuse and out and out lies.v it’s ti.e for a true. Change ot just to get yourself elected do what you promised for you will be judge at your passion g but the destruction and paid. You caused while you lived. O lyr
    Only you can change your stars


  10. FYI
    2 trailer loads (approx. 25 total) of our wild horses arrived at Ridgecrest BLM holding yesterday from Centennial HMA / China Lake Navy.
    No burros yet.
    Cattoor is the contractor.


  11. This is outrageous and shows the BLM for what it is—a mass murderer of our wild horses and burros! They wrre supposed to be their protectors! Some protection! They are out to destroy them all while we taxpayers pay for this atrocity! STOP THE BLM! !!


  12. I saw a post that said on 1/15/15 there are burros in kill pens in Eagle Pass, Texas
    for transport to slaughter. Are these BLM burros?


  13. UPDATE:
    BLM Centennial HMA/China Lake Naval Weapons Center Wild Horse & Burro roundup:

    From a phone conversation with BLM Ridgecrest:

    The capture was completed on January 19, 2015

    All Wild Burros on both Centennial HMA and China Lake Naval Weapons Center have been zeroed out

    Capture results:

    Horses Male
    67 Adults
    12 Yearlings
    1 Foal

    Horses Mares
    62 Adults
    10 Yearlings

    Burros Jacks
    3 Adults
    2 Foals

    Burros Jennies
    7 Adults
    2 Yearlings
    3 Foals

    All Colts will be gelded and remain in custody of BLM to be put up for adoption
    All Burros will remain in custody of BLM

    Information not yet available:
    How many Mares will be injected with PZP and returned to their HMA
    How many Stallions will be gelded and remain in BLM custody or how many will be returned to their HMA
    How many Horses and/or Burros will automatically be categorized as Sale Authority due to their age (10 years and over)

    For more information contact:
    Grant Lockie Facility Manager (760) 384-5764
    Christine J Wallace Program Assistant (Wild Horse & Burro) (760( 384-5765


    • This should be devastating news for not only us but every American who holds FREEDOM close to their hearts, every single Wild Mustang or Burro who is Ripped from the land that is rightfully theirs by Law, and What that is EVERY American losing their FREEDOM aLSO, that is what this all boils down to…….. I have monitered this for 20 plus years nothing has changed for our Precious Mustangs or Burros…..


    • Ugh! Devastating statistics. There weren’t hardly any burros there at all… Together we will continue to support all wild horse advocacy groups, sign petitions, contact local, state, Congressional representatives to get some “real protection” for our wild ones. Full blown audits into the goings on at the BLM must be investigated further. There have been many lies exposed, but seemingly, not much recourse. Fraud and corruption abound, Tom Davis, the BLM employee that embezzled funds, the lack of paper trail on Sale Authority horses after 3 feeble adoption attempts, the huge sums of money paid to the Fallon Livestock Auction house. We have whistle blowers (former BLM employees) that have stated what we have suspected all along, that the level of fraud and deception runs deep. We need to expose the BLM for what they really are, blood sucking leeches on federal funds and outright murderers of wild horses and burros. We need the documentation and wide public exposure. We need a Horse Angel of Justice in the highest authority of the land – someone to grab the President’s ear and thrust forth all of the damning evidence. In lieu of that, we must use every known way we have to work our way up the chain of command. An inside employee alliance is in order, more surveillance, more court injunctions, more peaceful but loud rallies, more petitions, more, more, more… When the little people have to go up against big government to get justice, it is not without risk. But as MLK Jr, stated, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


  14. UPDATE as of January 27, 2915

    BLM Centennial HMA/China Lake Naval Weapons Center Wild Horse & Burro roundup:

    From a phone conversation with BLM Ridgecrest:

    170 Total captured

    100 released on Saturday

    55 PZP injections
    57 released (that includes the Mare with Foal)

    42 released (that includes the Foal)

    Molly Mule

    BLM will castrate and put up for adoptions 3 year olds and older.
    53 Horses

    All Burros will be put up for adoption or Sale Authority
    17 Burros

    Information not yet available:
    How many will be categorized as Sale Authority due to age (10 years and older)

    For more information contact:
    Grant Lockie Facility Manager (760) 384-5764
    Christine J Wallace Program Assistant (Wild Horse & Burro) (760( 384-5765


  15. Thank you Louie – these are OUR wild burros and they need to post this for the American people who own this land and these animals and not hide the information from the true OWNERS.

    I just got this additional information:
    The action was within the portion of the Centennial HA/HMA that is under the management of China Lake NAWS.
    The Centennial HMA consists approximately 247,000 acres Navy administered lands and 71,000 acres of BLM lands.
    Approximately 95% of the wild horses stay within the boundaries of China Lake NAWS.
    The mares treated with PZP were returned on Saturday, January 24th.
    Due to the restricted access onto the Navy lands, no public viewing was accommodated.
    Alex (BLM)


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