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Colombian town bans festival in which live horse was cut to pieces

SOURCE: Fox News Latino

Colombia horse

The mayor of Colombia’s Buenavista municipality in the northern province of Sucre, Quintiliano Tapia, banned Monday the amateur bullfighting festivals known as “corralejas” following a scandal sparked by the dismembering of a live horse during one of those events.

The mayor was reacting to the public indignation that followed the airing of a video over the weekend showing how two men cut a horse to pieces that had been badly injured by a bull, all in the presence of children.

Tapia said in a statement on Blu Radio that he regretted the incident, adding that measures are being taken to identify those responsible and make them pay for what they did, and that meanwhile the running of the bulls and the “corralejas,” amateur bullfights in which anyone is allowed to take part, are banned.

“I wasn’t told what happened, but when we learned about it we did take drastic measures like suspending the bullfighting festivals,” he said.

The gory celebration came at a time when Colombians were getting over another video of animal torture from the festivals in the municipality of Turbaco in the neighboring province of Bolivar at the beginning of the month.

The video, posted on YouTube, showed how people in a bullring relentlessly pursued, harassed and hit the animal with sticks and stones until it fell down and was kicked and stabbed to death by some 20 individuals, who even jumped on top of it.

Because of incidents like these, the controversial “corralejas,” festivals that are common in Colombia’s northern provinces, have become the subject of heated debate around the country.

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  1. I saw the video —- savage and disgusting are under statements, they had absolutely no regard for that animal. And we are letting a mindset like that into our country with our open borders now!!!!!!!!!


    • I was shocked to see a new Premarin cream for older women on television recently. I thought estrogen from horses was outdated. You could not pay me to use these types of products that put animals through unimaginable suffering so that peoplecan have sex. It’s disgusting. Ladies, what ever happened to feminism?.


  2. As someone who is part Hispanic, I find this horrendous. How anyone can engage in such an act and go to bed without an ounce of guilt does not have a conscience. It is demonic and outright barbaric.


  3. “But it was legal”. If we hear that excuse one more time. I’m shocked, it’s like a horrible bad dream. Whoever said humans were made in the image of God. We are sickening.


  4. Starry is right this is beyond cruei , it is balbaric and demonic, how any group of so called people could do this is beyond digusting bordering on the insane !!!! The Horses are a beautiful gift of LoVE and Understanding created with endless pride by the higher power, given with unequivicle promises to help us and the land and show to us who we are inside and who we can be….. These so called people are a complete fail and quite frankly they lose in the journey of life……… When they meet their maker there will be no excuses for this…….. Because I am sure they all will be judged by none the less the Most beautiful completely perfect and most beautiful gifts ever given to mankind the HORSE !!!!!!


    • From our Bible: Proverbs 12:10: A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.
      So there you go, when livestockers tell us they are as careful as they need to be, that the injuries are to be expected, that they can’t afford to slow down, blah blah – and it doesn’t make sense – understanding those who torture animals in any way (it can’t be helped) are not as you or I who do care and can think of better ways. HOLD the line. It is not okay to torture animals.

      And because we are an enlightened nation, we understood that some coming here might not be free enough in their mind to crrect their acts and laws were passedto make it clear. The punishments were light because no one knew the aberration of violence against animaLs and our own (human trafficking and genocide). So our laws need to be beefed up, penalties specific to the extent of the violence (cutting off a horse’s genitalia must be punished with more than a misdemeanor) and law enforcement get out there teaching and making sure the cultures that may be offensive learn how to become part of the melting pot of compassion and education.


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