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We have a bill pending in the Virginia legislature that needs supporters.  As you know, much of our work is directed at determining the state of equine welfare so that we can dispel propaganda about the effect of laws and provide the truth.  At present there are five states that provide this information and we are working on getting more.

All you have to do is reply to with an email saying your organization supports the legislation. If you do not belong to an organization but know an organization that may be interested in supporting this effort, please pass this on.

Kindest Regards,

John Holland

Report on cruelty to equines. Requires localities to submit annually a report to the State Veterinarian detailing the number of persons who have violated the animal cruelty statute with respect to equine animals as well as the nature of each violation and the penalty imposed in each instance.

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  1. I am rather disgusted with all governments around the world in regards to equine cruelty. Do humans think that because they are big animals that they do not feel pain the way we might feel pain. Horses are so intuitive, so loyal to those who really care about them, gentle giants when treated correctly. So many changes needed on so many issues involving horses, and burros as well.


    • i agree with you 100% ! Horses are very Intelligent they are one of the smartest and most Intuitive animals of all. They know what’s up. They can sense danger and they can sense gentleness and love. Horses are Angels and deserve our Utmost Respect. I don’t know what is wrong with this World today. Go to http://www.HillsideAnimalSanctuary and your Heart will be torn out. Help me spread the word that Horses are to be Loved Not EATEN. Europeans consider them a Delicacy which is incomprehensible to me. Spread the word about the S.A.F.E Act, as some of these Horses are American RaceHorses and if you can donate some Carrots. This Video tore my heart out and made me SCREAM Outloud. I have issues with the French who together with Sea Shepard and people like me who support Sea Shepard around the world can #tweet4taiji (Dolphins in Taiji japan) The Cove from the Documentary The Cove; but yet they can eat HorseMeat. Support SeaShepard Global as it is a HUGE Movement and put in a PLUG every chance you get for HORSES too like I do in a Positive Way. The French and other Countries who eat HorseMeat yet tweet 4 taiji Japan will think about this and we can kill more flies with Honey I think this way. Thank You for your help


  2. So many horse issues needing attention, first being horse slaughter of thousands of wild horses while BLM looks the other way, race horses dying due to over work, and training at too young an age, abuse, neglect, insensitivity. Humanity must wake up and feel the plight of the horse.


  3. From

    Live Horses and Cows from the U.S. Shipped to Russia for Slaughter
    January 23, 2015
    Demand Investigation of McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Other Fast Food Chains

    We know that American horses are being transported for slaughter across U.S. borders to Canada and Mexico. What is largely unknown though is that as part of the global meat industry, U.S. horses and cows are being live-exported on huge container ships across the world’s oceans to countries like Russia, with minimal to non-existent animal welfare laws.

    In a recent example, an investigation unearthed compelling evidence that 2,253 cows and horses left the port of Wilmington, Delaware on July 16, 2014 on the livestock carrier Abou Karim III. It was confirmed that 168 Quarter Horse geldings, 1,816 pregnant heifers, and 539 Angus Bulls were sold to Russian importers. Read more about this investigation here.

    Live U.S. Horses and Cows are sold to Russian meat processors with ties to McDonalds and other US Fast Food Chains.

    Click here to read more and take action;jsessionid=E2EA525AD39FFEAC2AD95B129CE93AA0.app261b?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=2699&autologin=true&AddInterest=1022


  4. From
    Documents Reveal Texas Horses Shipped to Kaliningrad Meat Company

    For years, Animals’ Angels has been investigating the export of US horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. Documenting the horrors of this predatory industry, our investigators have visited every export facility and border crossing these animals pass through during their last journey. Or so we thought….

    A recent investigation uncovered startling evidence including documents from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that proves 2,253 cows and horses left the port of Wilmington, Delaware on July 16, 2014 on the livestock carrier Abou Karim III.

    Bills of lading received from the Port of Wilmington confirm the distressing information that 168 Quarter horse geldings, 1,816 pregnant heifers, and 539 angus bulls were sold to Russian importers.

    The seller, AZTX Cattle Company, is based out of Hereford, Texas.While their website shows a few cattle grazing happily on emerald green pastures, a total of 140,000 animals are kept in barren, dusty pens at the company’s two massive feedlots in Hereford and Garden City (Kansas). Their access to any fresh grass as shown on their homepage is non-existent. And as for the horses? You will find no mention of horses on their website whatsoever.


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