12 Year Old Instrumental in Introduction of Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill

Source: Children 4 Horses

photo courtesy of Children 4 Horses

photo courtesy of Children 4 Horses

U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta, R-NH, joined U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-IL, on April 22, 2015, to introduce the bipartisan SAFE Act – Safeguard American Food Exports Act – of 2015 to address the inhumane and dangerous process of transporting horses outside of the United States for human consumption.

“For centuries, horses have embodied the spirit of American freedom and pride. To that end, horses are not raised for food – permitting their transportation for the purposes of being slaughtered for human consumption is not consistent with our values and results in a dangerously toxic product. My bipartisan bill seeks to prevent and end the inhumane and dangerous process of transporting thousands of horses a year for food.”

The issue of horse slaughter was brought to Congressman Guinta’s attention in the 112th Congress when 12-year-old Declan Gregg, an advocate against horse slaughter and constituent of New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, met with him to raise awareness of the issue and urge for change to protect American horses.

I am so honored to have been here in DC with Congressman Guinta for this awesome moment! It’s been really cool to be a part of introducing the bill and seeing how the legislative process works. It’s truly an honor to be here, help walk the bill down to Congress, and get to see the impact my work has made.

Thank you Congressman Frank Guinta (NH), Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (IL), Congressman Vern Buchanan (FL), and Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM), for sponsoring this important bill and standing up for America’s horses!! And thank you to the 41 original cosponsors of the SAFE Act, for standing up for America’s horses too!!

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and ask them to cosponsor the SAFE Act and to support other pro-horse legislation. Horse slaughter has been defunded in the US, but every day, American horses are still being shipped and slaughtered in Canada and Mexico. SLAUGHTER IS NOT HUMANE EUTHANASIA and it is not an answer.

I will fight until we have won for the horses!!” ~Declan, Founder of Children 4 Horses

To find your Congressman/woman and their contact information, use this link: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

10 comments on “12 Year Old Instrumental in Introduction of Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill

  1. I have seen one bill after another introduced only to see it die in committee completely ignored. I hope this one will be the one that makes it to the floor for a yes vote. I can just see the racing industry and numerous other over- breeders contacting their lobbyists to get the ball rolling to to make sure this bill never gets to see the light of day. All of the politicians in TX will be against it backed up by the horse breeders along with the ranchers. All anyone can do is hope for the best like always.


    • Barbara – Congressman Gene Green from Texas is an original cosponsor of SAFE. There are also 8 original cosponsors on the Committees the bill has been sent to (House Agriculture and House Energy & Commerce). Don’t give up too soon 😉


    • I don’t have a lot of faith in the publican held Congress and Senate. But you never know. And with Harry Reid no longer in charge it might have a chance. Harry’s been blocking equine bills or having friends block them for years.


      • Margaret, 2016 is going to be a huge election year. Both Democrats and Republicans are in a tight spot. More people, now than ever, are fed up with the two-party system, their lack of respect towards each other, and failure to come together to bring about change. Both of them need to “sell their product” if they want voters. My guess is that some Republicans are trying to reach out to younger people and animal advocates more so this time around. Many of them may be taking into account the fact that animal welfare is an extremely important value of American citizens and, if they want votes, that’s an area to tap into. Look at Mayor deBlasio for example. He’s a Democrat, but once he started supporting the ban on carriage horses, he got an overwhelming amount of support. It wouldn’t surprise me if history repeats itself in this aspect, this time, with Republicans. I wonder if that’s the reason behind the large amount of bipartisanship surrounding this bill. Out of curiosity, have previous SAFE Act bills gotten this amount of bipartisan support before?


  2. SG
    There was always a few politicians from TX that signed on to cosponsor some of the other failed bills the rest of them including Senator John Cornyn was against any bill stopping horse slaughter. I sent him and about 20 politicians a CD that was copied from a secret video that was taken in one of the horse slaughter plants in Canada Cornyn was the only one that bothered to tell me what they thought about horse slaughter. He stated that he would not support the bill because it would remove the right of the animals owner to sell it to whomever they wanted to. I don’t know how long you have been in the fight to stop horse slaughter but I’m a veteran of the horse wars.


  3. I shared with two active groups on LinkedIn & on my FB page. We can’t give up the fight. I will be contacting my Congressmen even though I think that only one of them may support the bill. I agree with Starry. Younger people today have a different passion for our environment, ecology, and our wildlife. I really think they want to help save their planet for their children and grandchildren. They have technology at their fingertips and they are using it to find better ways of problem solving. There is a different generation that is starting to lead. I commend Declan Gregg for supporting this important issue. It makes a difference to him at 12 years old. I agree with Chris, this “kid is going places!”


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