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Update: Cloud at the Crossroads

written by Ginger Kathrens of The Cloud Foundation

“With most eyes turned upon the Kentucky Derby, this day, what better way to wash your mind and soul out than to receive an eloquent update on the current condition of America’s true face and voice for our beloved Wild Horses, Cloud, the enduring Stallion of the Pryor Mountains.

If not for Cloud and Ginger Kathrens I would not be writing to you, here.  Both of them changed the course of our lives, I include my bride Terry, years ago with their combined stories on the painful plight of our wild horses and burros who struggle to stay and live free on their rightful range.  I will be forever grateful.

But while others are watching the abuse of equine youngsters on the racetrack, today, take a few moments out and refresh yourself with what horses truly are and should forever be…free.  Thanks Ginger.” ~ R.T.


My cell phone rings and I look at the name of the caller. It’s Jared Bybee, BLM wild horse manager for the Pryor herd. “Hi Jared,” I answer cheerfully. His voice is calm and measured. “The darting crew saw Cloud yesterday shuffling down Sykes Ridge Road alone.”  Everything after this is a bit of a blur. I remember Jared saying that Cloud is “all beat up and looks thin.” I tell Jared that I’m planning on coming up in a few days. He pauses, and from the tone of his voice, I sense he fears I may arrive too late.

photo courtesy of The Cloud Foundation

photo courtesy of The Cloud Foundation

Linda Hanick, our Facebook manager and Paula Todd-King, our director of communications decide to go with me. Along with our loyal companion, Quinn, we leave Colorado early, hoping to get up on Tillett Ridge while it is still light enough to glass over onto Sykes. If we can spot Cloud, this will give us a clue where to begin our search. The chilly wind whips around us as we start glassing with our binoculars, hoping to see a flash of white…(Continued)

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  1. Thanks so much, RT. I receive emails from TCF, so already read this. Ginger & Cloud have done more to bring wild horses & burros into the public eye than perhaps anyone. So good to see him still there – maybe a little thinner & a little beat up, but STILL THERE! I cant understand how anyone could look at these horses and not want them to have a place to be – forever.


  2. I always look forward to The Cloud Foundation updates. I read in this article, they now do darting,I assume of the birth control? Hopefully there wll be no more round ups, especially the running of elder stallions like Cloud. It seems once they start the birth control, there is so much more stress on the stallions with mares in season many more times then a natural cycle. Then with the new fences restricting range and grazing. Seems so unfair an old stallion has to deal with this new totally man-made stress the rest of his life. very unfair, I think the BLM/DOI cut a decade off Clouds natural lifespan.


  3. While I enjoy reading the updates in the back of my mind I was wondering how many of the horses named here will be rounded up in upcoming proposed roundups.


    • I know, me too. I hope & pray none of them get rounded up! I thought that was the reason for the PZP!


  4. That’s the way nature does things … time and change … the life of a wild horse is GREAT but it “ain’t” easy and Cloud is still a very handsome stallion!


  5. It’s getting to the point in this country that not only our wild horses, but any and all wildlife is getting in the way of American progress and is planned for removal – be it prairie dog colonies, wolves, sage grouse, and on and on. I’m noticing a trend that, for example, ‘there are wolves in Canada and Mexico and elsewhere in the world, so they are not endangered (the implication being that we don’t need any in the US, guess). It’s terrible.


  6. I pray for Cloud. He is so magnificent! I hope he wins his family back when he is stronger. I’m watching his beautiful story tonight. As a gift to myself for passing my ACP exam, I purchased the “Legacy” gift package with a couple of extra things. I want to get book #1 & 3 to read. I almost read the “Legacy” book in one night. I couldn’t put it down. I love Ginger’s stories. I’m thinking that I now need to add Pryor Mountain horses to the (Montana) historical romance novel I’m writing. It wouldn’t be complete without mentioning them.


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