US Equine Summit calls to end Premarin Industry


EquineAdvocatesHorse welfare issues are in the spotlight next weekend as equine and medical experts get together for the fourth annual American Equine Summit.

Topics under discussion at the summit held at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, NY, will include horse slaughter; the transfer of Premarin (PMU – pregnant mares’ urine) production to China; alternatives to ERT/HRT drugs made from horse urine; and wild horse and sporting horse issues. The Summit will also include a statement by famed writer and political activist Gloria Steinem calling for an end to the 73 year-old PMU industry.

“I want to thank you for helping to alert the public to the dangers – to horses as well as to women – that have come with the use of pregnant mares’ urine as a source of human treatment,” Steinem wrote…(CONTINUED)

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17 comments on “US Equine Summit calls to end Premarin Industry

      • I read the Heber article and posted on my FB. Pissed me off. People know beef comes from cows. In serious weather such as drought herds that are purchased such as cattle Must be mandatorily reduced not the wild animals. Especially not horses. These fellas werent too busy or they wouldnt have been there.


      • Thank you for sharing these articles, Geri. I’ve “liked” their FB page so that I can watch for the comment periods.


      • I just read on FB that the USFS’ Notice Of Intention (NOI) would be released before June 1, 2015. The official objection/comment period will follow at which time we have be told a special email address will be set up for our objections and comments. It appears that the USFS is stating that “[T]he horses are stray, domestic horses and are not considered wild. Forest Service regulations for handling such animals does not allow for adoption. The agency uses a Cooperative Agreement with the Arizona Livestock Sanitary Board to auction unclaimed animals. Sale receipts from the auction would be used to defray the expenses incurred by the agencies in the impoundment process. . . . . The horses are wild, unclaimed, and unbranded living on our federal land. Beware of people who try to say the horses, once removed, will be adopted out into happy, forever homes. This includes Arizona senators, one of which has reportedly said just that!”


  1. Hartman Paints in Illinois by us used to ship mares to Premarin farms then pick up foals to raise and resell and buy older Premarin mares for slaughter before Dekalb Closure. It was for profit. It was frustrating. I tried reasoning with them…but it was reasoning with greed.


  2. If the Heber ranchers are so proud of their grass-fed cattle, do they make sure that their beef is the 3% of what is on Americans’ dinner plates? Or is their beef part of the 97% that ends up being shipped outside of the US? The author of the article obviously hasn’t seen Cowspiracy yet. For 30 years, I have eaten very little beef (usually when I’m dating a guy who loves his steaks). I’m a fish & salad person myself. The author also didn’t read Costs & Consequences: The Real Price of Livestock Grazing on Public Lands. I agree with CWS, cattle do not have a right to graze on public land, it’s a privilege. Wild Horses have been designated to ranges as their principal range. Grazing permits can be revoked at any time for drought, range conditions, etc. One of the ranchers said in the article that “the horses consume a large amounts of the land resources, especially in the riparian bottoms which limits the number of cattle allowed to forage forest lands yearly.” It’s not the Wild Horses that eat more — it’s cattle & cattle are the animals that tear up riparian bottoms. The photographs contained in the Costs & Consequences study do not lie.


    • And the Bozeman Arena in trouble for the hoof falling off horse update only says they are deliberating on whether to press charges. Its with the proper authorities. Will update when we know more. The Arena folks will not talk to anyone. Theres a good article on Rate My Pro with more vivid pics of the horses injuries and weight as well as the claim they werent advertising the stud even though the ad was put up and taken off only since the discovery. Still no word officially on who actually witnessed the destruction of the animals.


    • I don’t either, Geri. Sounds like a really good movie. I’ve heard about the USDA’s Wildlife Service Program and the killing of tens of thousands of native predators. I posted something a while back about it on my FB page. Maybe after the movie airs it will eventually be released on YouTube.


    • I do! I hope I can sit through it. This reminds me of Blackfish, which was heartbreaking. I still can remember one of the whale catchers, how he had regrets about separating calves from their mothers, back when they used to capture wild orcas, and causing some to die. I wonder why he ever got involved in the first place.


  3. This is something that may interest folks on this blog. I saw this in the Peoples Pharmacy column in the Sunday paper about what a woman took to control hot flashes. She used Mediterranean pine bark extract its called Pycnogenol. From what she said it stopped hers cold. There was no mention of any side effects. If women used something like this instead of running to their doctor it would save a lot of horse lives as well as post menopausal women’s lives down the road.


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