Equine Rescue

Oregon Firefighters Rescue Horse Stuck in Creek Bed

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“That was just amazing,” Chief Morris said after watching Major stand on his own…

Courtesy Lake Oswego Fire/Twitter

Courtesy Lake Oswego Fire/Twitter

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. — A horse walking a Lake Oswego trail fell into a creek Wednesday afternoon and was unable to get up on its own, authorities said.

Major, a 10-year-old horse, fell near the Hunt Club around 5:15 p.m., Lake Oswego Fire Dept. said. Major’s owner was riding him down the Iron Mountain Trail when they got to a small bridge. After stepping onto it, Major broke through with one leg, landing on his side in a creek bed.

ecause his legs were wedged against the bank, he was unable to move them and get up.

“Your first reaction is to make sure the owner is safe, then the horse is safe,” Lake Oswego Hunt Club manager Katie Purdy said.

Fire crews were sent to the scene to help, and found Major in a calm state with his owner. They were able to pull the horse with a turned rope and pulley system which allowed him to get up on his own.

“The horse was actually very calm, so in the situation — it’s called cast — and he was cast basically against the bed of the wall and couldn’t get up,” Purdy said.

Lake Oswego Fire Marshal Gert Zoutendijk called the rescue “complicated”.

“If the horse would have spooked and gotten up really quick, potentially it could have just jumped and walked right over our firefighters,” he said. “So instead of pulling with short rope right there next to him, we used longer ropes.”

Major weighs at least 1,000 pounds and stands almost 6-feet tall. He only suffered a small scrape on his back leg.

“That was just amazing,” Battalion Chief Dave Morris said after watching Major stand on his own.

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  1. Great story. Horses are smarter than we sometimes credit them. This fellow knew just what to do. He also knew that he was getting help. God bless the Firefighters!!


  2. Thanks to the quick response of the Firefighters and the calmness of Major (obviously a very smart horse) the story had a happy ending! (-:


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