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Texas Horse, stranded in rising flood waters, shot in the head by suspect

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“As we Houston Area residents struggle to clean up from the historic flooding, some idiots have the time to use an innocent horse for target practice.  For some men, there is no limit to the depth of their depravity…it sickens the stomach and saddens one’s heart.” ~ R.T.

rednecks-with-gunsAn animal cruelty case is being investigated by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office after the agency learned of a deliberate shooting of a horse at a residence on CR 1335 B in the Moss Bluff area of south Liberty County.

Several calls of complaints from citizens on Wednesday, May 26, prompted the investigation.

On Wednesday, Deputy Linda Bloomingdale, working closely with the Houston SPCA, found the horse standing on a small patch of dry ground on an area surrounded by recent flood waters.

According to a report from the sheriff’s office, witness accounts said that a man was observed with an unknown caliber rifle shooting at the horse on Tuesday. Initially findings suggest the horse was struck in the head at least twice and possibly a third time.

A warrant was secured by Dep. Bloomingdale for the seizure of the wounded horse and a second horse that also appeared to be suffering from some degree of neglect. The horses were loaded onto trailers and brought through the flood waters to the Houston SPCA office where they will be treated for their injuries.

A seizure hearing is set for June 8 in Pct. 1 Justice of Peace Stephen Hebert’s court to determine ownership of the two horses. A criminal investigation is ongoing to identify the person responsible for the shooting. Once a suspect is identified, it is anticipated that animal cruelty charges will be filed.

Anyone having information regarding the identity of the person responsible for this offense is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 936-336-4500.

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  1. Where this would sadden some , it angers me to no end. Animal cruelty charges…. A slap on the wrist can’t they do better than that? Something that would really take it home?


  2. What disgusting turds to target any animal and in particular those stranded by natural disaster. A random act of kindness performed by leading the animals to safety or by calling rescuers would have been a noble act.


  3. The photo is not of the suspect(s) obviously since he is still being sought and apparently is unknown. I dont think use of this hideous joke-photo lent much to the story.


  4. This is not the first time that something like this has happened. These horse shooting incidents seem to pop up more so year by year. I’m guessing it is either because these sick individuals enjoy the fun of killing, want to gain attention on social media, or both. Eventually, they graduate to harming other people. This is all the reason why cases like this should not be treated lightly.


  5. I shared the original article on LinkedIn with a couple of my discussion forums. I share Starry’s comment that animal cruelty cases need to be investigated and the full extent of the law enforced. The people that torture and neglect animals are dangerous people. I pray that the two horses pull through from their injuries. Sadness…….


  6. Why is there a picture of two “Deliverance” -type individuals in the story IF they don’t know who the individuals were who either did the shooting or who owns and likely neglected the horses?


  7. What in the hell is a matter with these people.
    These are animals that survived a horrible situation and are someone’s personal property.
    They should prosecuted full extent of the law. Individuals should pay restitution for Veterinary bills and any taxpayer’s money use in investagations.
    Community service at rescue facilities under supervision.
    State legislatures need to overhaul animal cruelty laws and address the current epidemic of growing animal cruelty in the U.S.
    They should not be allowed to own fire arms ever.
    What and how many other animals have suffered.
    This is psychopathic behavior.


  8. Why in the hell do we experiment on animals when there is people out there that would more than suffice for subjects (such as the ones in this article)? Animal abusers and molesters… Should be a no brainier.


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