Authorities investigate horse found dead along Salt River



(Photo: The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group)

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed a dead horse has been found near the Salt River. The animal was found about a week ago.

Activists for the Salt River horses have raised concern that there may be foul play involved after the mare was found shot to death in the Tonto National Forest.

A spokesman for MCSO confirmed the horse was shot, but deputies do not suspect foul play.

The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) said the mare was 12-years-old and named “Dotty.”

SRWHMG is also considering a “mercy killing” as a reason for the shooting, citing that the horse may have been injured.

The incident is still under investigation.


  1. Keep a list of how many of these horses that are shot are female. Reducing the number of females in a herd area is the fastest way to reduce genetic diversity and collapse the herd. Although this is not to say that an injured female horse could or should not be euthanized.


  2. ??? “MAY have been injured” is a curious description. This would seem to be either a yes or no question and immediately evident. Yet another excellent example of pitiful journalism.

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  3. Of course it’s under investigation!!! We need someone to stand up to the BLM or whatever organization is rounding up our horses for slaughter..What is this country coming to?? Right now I am ashamed to call myself an American!!


  4. Anyone have an update on the two wild horses with three strikes reported on last week? Auction date is supposed to be Oct 8.


  5. So, in this age when everyone has an iPhone or iPad or cell phone or… (name your gadget), all of which take useful photographs, does nobody have any evidence of how this horse was found? If she was shot, it would be evident. If not, then was a necropsy performed? If she wasn’t shot, then there are reasons to investigate possible poisoning etc. which could put the remaining horses at risk. How about some bona fide journalism out there, somewhere???


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