Video: Snowboarders Save Stranded Horse in Chilean Andes

With all of the bad news that haunts our unified quest to ensure the future safety and well being of equines, both domestic and wild, it is always a breath of fresh air to either read or hear about a person, or persons, who do the right thing; that truly ‘Get It’ and unselfishly make a difference with their enlightened actions.

So today please wash out your mind with the story of Snowboarder Rafael Pease who had planned on celebrating his 21st birthday by carving out some fresh snow, along with his buddy, in the Andes mountains of Chile.  Along the way their hearts and common sense side tracked their plans but the lives of a stranded horse and a worried human companion were warmed by their brave and generous spirits.  Let the melting of your hearts begin, now” ~ R.T.


  1. How sad that its such a refreshing change to see someone do for an animal just because its the right thing to do! Too many of the other kind of stories. Great to see a happy end to this one.


  2. Does anyone know if they were able to reunite the rescued horse with her owner? and /or how she came to be stranded in the deep snow in what appears to be such an isolated area? Did she actually live close by?


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