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Amazon Goes for Prime Equine Cuteness to Reel in Holiday Shoppers

forward by R.T. Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Disclaimer: We are only grooving on the cuteness and not endorsing any specific product and/or service.

Several weeks ago Terry and I noticed a special little ad on TV the conjured up both memories and giggles over a little miniature horse, who reminds us of Munchie from Habitat for Horses, and the always present “herd stupidity” that permeates our rescued herd that lives with us.  Our big boys, one being a Drafty, were once terrified by a little miniature donkey that was a guest when his home was threatened by a nearby wild fire.  (Our boys annually spook over our lighted Christmas horses so we now either hide them from their bulging equine eyes or just don’t bother to set them up…but the reaction is worth a thousand laughs)

Anyone who lives with horses will appreciate this little ad that highlights Amazon’s crazy fast Prime delivery; not only an eye blurer but also a stealth holiday advert due to the current timing.


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