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Press Release from the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group

Forest Service to Withdraw Notice to Impound Salt River Horses!

12313600_924866857596073_1124541708679197515_nSalt River, AZ (December 10, 2015). . . . The U.S. Forest has informed the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) that it intends to withdraw its July 31, 2015, notice to round up and impound the wild horses that roam the Tonto National Forest along the Salt River.

The withdrawal comes within days of the expiration of the 120-day stay of the roundup that was negotiated by the SRWHMG shortly after the impound notice was published.

Since August, the SRWHMG, the local community, the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and Animal Recovery Mission have worked toward the cancellation of the impound notice in order to allow time to negotiate an agreement for the long-term protection of the horses on Salt River.

Last Friday, the Arizona U.S House delegation led by Congressman Matt Salmon, sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack urging the Forest Service to move quickly to implement reasonable, humane solutions and protect the horses where they live. The letter encouraged the agency to work with the community and questioned why the horses could not be managed under the 1960 Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Act.

Last week, SRWHMG president Simone Netherlands met with Neil Bosworth, the Tonto National Forest supervisor, and received assurances that the agency is committed to working toward a long-term plan for the humane management of the horses along the river.

“This is a big deal to us,” Netherlands said. “That notice has been hanging like a cloud over our heads all this time. We are grateful for this important step and will continue to do everything in our power to work with the Forest Service and other authorities towards the good of the Tonto National Forest.”…(CONTINUED)

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  1. Friends of Animals instituted suit for these horses. Their suit is still open as Forest Service has not filed a written declaration with the court stating this intent. Without this filing we are, once again, relying on a gentleman’s agreement with FS. With that legal filing the court could intervene if FS goes against their filing. Until they file thism on the still open lawsuit, we have a partial, tentative agreement at best. We have decades of evidence to show us what the result of gentleman’s agreements with these agencies mean.
    The vague term “humane” management? What does that even mean in terms of the agencies with control of our native wild horses and burros. BLM, the other agency with control of our equines, has thrown around this term for years yet our equines are still rounded up by helicopter. They still are in holding with no protection from the elements. We still find mustangs with pzp brands in long term holding. Wasn’t pzp supposed to be the savior of these horses?
    Forest Service has not, traditionally, been a friend to our native wild equines. I remain skeptical until they state their intention to the court, where they can be held legally accountable.


    • Many thanks for this information, Morgan. I think ISPMB has helped also. I’m afraid humane management by BLM or the USFS is only a term they use very loosely. These wild horses do not need any management at all and have lived just fine without it. They also do not need PZP since they are not over-populated.


  2. I think this is wonderful … but only a little band-aid and actually a quite likely a cover-up as they get their lawyers to come up with a way to get rid of the horses once and for all – but I hope I am wrong.

    So far I see no long term solution proposed or even alluded to. The only answer that I saw in their decision is this:

    “If in the future the Forest Service determines that it may impound unauthorized horses found upon National Forest System Lands within the boundaries of the Mesa Ranger District, it will provide public notice pursuant to 36 CFR 262.10.”

    So all they are saying is that they will notify (do NEPA EA or whatever) the public next time so they don’t have this irritation that the advocates caused them.

    USFS WH&B leader Imler has already stated what will happen to wild horses removed from public lands under the USFS. All that are above the age of ten will be immediately sold with no restriction or euthanized. All under ten will be offered for adoption 3 times and then sold with no restriction or euthanized – NO

    I don’t trust them further than I can spit … !

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    • Grandmagregg, I’m afraid you’re right. They can’t be trusted at all as we’ve learned from the past. The USFS is as bad if not worse than the BLM. Cattle should never be allowed in the Tonto NF or any forests but they are. USFS clear-cuts too.


    • Exactly, we need to keep an eye on them at all times and become USFS’ shadow to prevent it from ever thinking touching these horses again.


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