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Horses Make Wild Patients at Israeli Hospital

While the BLM plans horrific experimentation and sterilization procedures on our wild horses and burros (under the guise of “fertility control” of the remaining, mostly non-viable herds), others around the world show concern about the risks of equine surgery.



In this Monday, Dec. 7, 2015 photo, a veterinary technician feeds a horse at the Hebrew University’s Koret School of Veterinary Medicine in Rishon Lezion, Israel. Veterinarians at the hospital operate on about two dozen horses a month and rely on elaborate tools and an army of volunteers to safely treat animals that can weigh more than 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms). (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

By Oded Balilty, Associated Press


At Israel’s main equine hospital, the animals can be wild patients, creating some unique challenges for the veterinarians treating them.

“They are not good patients,” said Dr. Gal Kelmer, who heads the large animal department at Hebrew University’s Koret School of Veterinary Medicine. “I get a lot of satisfaction when things work.”

Veterinarians at the hospital operate on about two dozen horses a month, most of them pleasure and show horses. To prepare a horse for surgery, anesthesiologists slip an infusion into the animal’s jugular vein, which is harder to dislodge than an IV in the leg.

Horses are prone to galloping off the operating table as soon as anesthesia wears off, requiring veterinarians to rely on elaborate tools and an army of volunteers to safely treat animals that can weigh more than 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms).

“Horses have an instinctive response of flight from danger,” Kelmer said. “The minute they wake up they start trying to stand and run, even if they don’t have control of their limbs. So then they fall.”

To restrain a flighty horse, Kelmer straps the animal into a sling that suspends it from the belly and lifts it into the air, keeping the mouth closed and tail tied as the horse gradually regains control of its body.

The most common medical problem is colic, Kelmer said, a digestive ailment that usually requires hoisting the horse upside down to examine the abdomen. Other issues include trauma, leg fractures and breathing problems.

“Some people ask me, ‘What, you do only horses?’ But for surgeons it’s very broad,” Kelmer said. “Today I treated an eye, and a horse with an injured distal limb, and a rectum. For a human, not in a lifetime would a surgeon do these three things.”

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  1. Geri, this is an old argument, for it has been proven horses were here during the ice age, and Indians had developed horsemanship before any white man landed on the US shores. Because our Gov. Went on an exterminating program to kill all the Indian ponies, physical evidence may be gone. It has also been proven that of all the grazing animals, the equines are the only ones who replant the land as they defacate. They do not digest the seeds as so cattle, buffalo, deer goats & elk. They also roam further and do not stay in one area to graze.


    • Patricia – I know how long horses have been hear and have posted many articles on that subject – I just try to post all articles I find that pertain to our wild ones.


    • If This idiots theory were fact there would be NO GRASS growing the USA and utter destruction. These people think we ARE idiots? Wild and domestic horses would do the exact same thing which disproves his illogical and moronic statements false. What about the acres of ranches these idiot ranchers own that they raise hundreds of domestic stock on??????They are just fine …..but only the Wild horses destroy the Riparian system? Then AQHA would have to close if horses destroy the lands because . They cannot support such mass destruction made by their millions of registered horses. See how his theory falls apart. The literal problem is these people want rid themselves of horses and their watch dogs. You and I. Government waste is easier when you get by with it and theres no witness.Please pick this article apart people. Its unbelievable what they mislead innocent people into. Domestic herds larger than individual herds of wild horses are penned into smaller lands sections and live up to 40 yrs producing riding training and dont destroy the ground as much as he claims. In fact his theory doesnt include cattle or ranch vehicles or blm vehicles or walk traffic or anything else. It also doesnt show a long term observation but a short sighted one second agenda sent to press right bef poo re the Safe Act. As far as big words like riparian system thats just to confuse the readers into following him. Its just dirt and it all erodes over the centiries and global warming isnt helping and millions of cattle and one a@@hol $$arent either!



      A good reply to that trashload article. Note that that Rubinoff (that sounds like that vodka brand college kids use to get drunk fast) guy is not a true conservationist but a tropical agriculture professor (i.e. somebody who teaches others how to plant cucumbers) in Hawaii. So what does this guy’s ‘expertise’ in planting cucumbers and cute tropical flowers have to do with the arid and not so arid grasslands and ranges of the West?

      I also find strange that, given the poor quality of the article and absence of paleothologic and biologic data (it misses entirely that dna of fossils of horses dating from 14,000 ago is identical to contemporary horses as is their overall size and conformation plus the fact that the glacial era was actually comprised of warm periods intermixed with longer colder ones but it wasn’t always cold all the time), it took two folks to write this foaming-at-the-mouth crap. Something tells me these two guys are just mercenaries that lended their name for an op-ed (it is not an article but an opinion piece passed as an article) penned and sponsored by the pro-slaughter lobby (Lukass/Duquette) or pals of some disgruntled Forest Service worker with stakes in some cattle grazing deal in an effort to make a political point against horse advocates, particularly in AZ.. The rethoric is just way too familiar to Duquette/Wallis. Can’t be a coincidence.


      • Wild Horses, Bureau of Land Management Credibility, Cover Up, and Criminality
        As Originally posted on Photojournalist-Journalist:

        We are currently seeing a few interesting situations transpire with the Bureau of Land Management. Their constant, one can say far beyond a doubt consistent, chain of factual misrepresentation; lies actually, to the American Public & Taxpayers. Budgets are created from many of these lies, and many American’s think this can, and does, exemplify fraud . . . it certainly meets the criteria.

        The undeniable elephant in the room is their extreme budgets increase exponentially. One has only to read an Environmental Assessment, often copied for example from an EA developed e.g. four years earlier, and understands the misguided rationality and taxpayer expense that assuredly develops.
        But need we assume, and does this happen abundantly?
        Well, let’s check their history just within the past 8 months, well referenced via G.A.O. Reports (i.e. Government Accountability Office), and stick with the year 2015.
        Here we find the Government Accountability Office investigating or doing research on BLM employee’s misrepresenting situations quite often, not only in the Wild Horse and Burro Program but many energy situations – oil, gas, coal, solar, with mining, ranching / grazing permits, and recreational situations – it almost appears to be the Devil’s Playground in regard to our government, our taxpayer dollars, and exemplified by neither Oversight or Regulatory situations that could stop such activity . . .

        The summaries of BLM activity following found within GAO Reports – all within in 2015
        1. BLM employees outright caught in lies about situations on Public Lands, via Congressional Hearings and responses to Senator’s and Congressmen alike . . . as well as misrepresenting statistics, or using false statistics beneficial for research or budgetary concerns only, with no apparent resolution to the false representations of facts, which continues to cost taxpayers in the millions of dollars yearly;
        2. Missing pertinent application or permit paperwork or the total disregard of the regulatory or process guidelines for qualifications, in particular friends of friends motives of hiring private contractors, same church groups, et al;
        3. Essential paperwork being destroyed – ooops accidentally of course and by-golly with a shredder most often (gee wiz those damn shredders) it’s not the shredder it’s the person at the button – but entire packages of legal documents as well as other research pertinent to resolution of projects – gone and supposedly shredded accidentally;
        4. Inappropriate Bonds set underestimating procurement and monetary income for leasing of Public Lands to commercial businesses, or such items as Clean-up Bonds, etc., totally ignored and often missing from government paperwork, with no money – or money that mysteriously has disappeared from the Bond Payment Accounts;
        5. Inappropriate reports filed, by BLM employees, to cover up the misuse of America’s Public lands by commercial corporate and grazing situations, and mostly cattle, oil, and mining situations that had devastated or destroyed Public Lands, and Reports Filed, then lost or shredded accidentally—so the stories go to investigative panels;
        6. Regulatory standards and reports falsified continuously – found via investigators and other office personnel;
        7. Budgets further falsified with misinformation, lack of information, or information meant to cover up criminal or negligent activity, continually – also private contractor applications, vouchers, payment information, and inventory often lost or falsified, helicopter pilots found ineligible and documents falsified to make eligible, and on and on;
        8. Rangeland studies fail to include cattle, their habits and destructive manners to specific rangelands, with falsified cattle-counts abundant, or cattle placed onto Public lands with no Permits or paperwork showing them as counted or even permitted to graze on Public Lands – overage of cattle on Public Lands not reported, or covered up within weekly and monthly reports;
        9. False and outright fake Environmental Assessments, ironically left unsigned which means the situation cannot move forward legally, but projects go forward in abundance, with legal documents and permits simply ignored, then BLM employees pass off the questions as “Did Not Know” or “. . . Was not aware”;
        10. Missing Wild Horses from BLM Inventory sheets (right now estimated costing taxpayers in excess of $4.2 million in funds for capture paid to contractors, even though no horses to show for it – obvious is obvious, and yet there will be a BLM employee right there saying you are not seeing what your seeing – yes, a conundrum of irresponsibility and theft, and within the past two years;
        And the list goes on and on — at an estimated 4,984 + occasions this year alone of all sorts of questionable activities done by BLM Employees. . .

        Something to Review when discussing the Bureau of Land management:
        (For the entire informative packet and interview see Horses Led To Slaughter, Anatomy of a Cover Up in the Wild Horse and Burro Program, PEER White Paper, Number 14, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Washington D.C. 20009-1125, , 1997


  2. Wild Horses, Bureau of Land Management Credibility, Cover Up, and Criminality (continued)
    As Originally posted on Photojournalist-Journalist:

    BLM Credibility?

    Now we go to Wild Horse Herd Counts done by the BLM. Frankly, this is useless, as accurate information is not available, and never will be to G.A.O. or other investigators. It is averages and figured in percent per population of supposed wild horses in a given area. Randomly 20% to 28% is added to the non-logistical computer software program, and a robust of wild horses supposed counted, on computer screen only, exists.

    There exists much to-do that surrounds this wild horse counts/population situation, and extremely expensive to taxpayers. This supposed horse count illegitimate, obviously, but used in a diversity of situations, especially to obtain taxpayer money to do so. The actual figures staggering, and in the amount of several millions of dollars per year just for the roundups alone, in the name of these very wild and extravagant wild horse counts —

    BLM did hope above all else we would never find out about the Wild Horse Herd Counts done in the late 1980’s, and using telemetry and aerial photography Infra Red combined – Extremely accurate Wild Horse Herd Counts prevailed – BLM discontinued the project.

    The problem was not with the Horse Counts, but with the accuracy of them and disputed directly BLM percentages and statistic, their awkward at best 20% to 28% increase yearly of Wild Horses, when everyone else, to include this telemetry project, showed beyond a doubt and in real time only a 6% to a not so often 12% increase overall (which neither the telemetry counts or BLM counts contain birth fatality (i.e. a very large number / percentage in the wild), as well as predatory or accidental injuries leading to fatalities on the range (which are also very large percentages). The overall rates of 20% to 28% also do not include fatality rates – ironically, they pay contracts $1,000 to $1,200+ per horse rounded up, and padding the situation with dead-horses sometimes, as we have found within BLM Inventories, $49,000 to $75,000 dollars over the amount actually rounded up wild horses and collected. This is also a situation where BLM and Forestry personnel have to do the inventory counts, so they are involved with the private contractor – money obviously p[asses from hand-to-hand in these cases.


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