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BLM planning to eradicate more of the few remaining wild burros

Besides the fact that the BLM is experimenting on wild horses and burros, per the BLM’s own Environmental Assessment (EA), the AML for wild burros on Sinbad HMA is only 60.  This is already a NON-VIABLE HERD, yet the BLM is planning to implement fertility control on this herd.  This EA is for a 5 year plan (but it shouldn’t take the BLM that long to wipe them out).


Edited Press Release

BLM Seeks Comment on Central Utah Wild Burro Gather


In conjunction with the gather, researchers hope to study burros’ fertility, reproductive rate, recruitment rate, age-specific survival and mortality, habitat selection, movements, and habitat range among other things.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Utah’s Price Field Office is seeking public comment on an environmental assessment (EA) analyzing a proposed wild burro gather, removal, and research projects that would be conducted to study burro behavior and ecology.

The research would look into fertility, reproductive rate, recruitment rate, age-specific survival and mortality, habitat selection, movements, and habitat range among other things. This would be done at the scale of both the individual and population levels and in coordination with the United States Geological Survey Fort Collins Science Center, in Colorado, and within the Sinbad herd management area (HMA), near Green River, Utah.

The Sinbad HMA is approximately 99,241 acres of federal and state lands located 30 miles west of Green River. It extends up to 19 miles on both sides of I-70 and from the San Rafael Reef to Straight Wash and Cottonwood Draw.

The EA analyzes a proposal to gather and remove excess wild burros and conduct noninvasive research for a period of five years. The EA, including maps, is available online at or on the ePlanning register at (search for project name “Sinbad”).

Written comments will be accepted by letter or email until Jan. 11, 2016. Please note that the most useful comments are those that contain new technical or scientific information relevant to the proposed action. Comments should be as specific as possible. Comments which contain only opinions or preferences will not receive a formal response but could be considered in the BLM decision-making process. Please reference “Sinbad Wild Burro Gather Plan EA” when submitting comments.

Comments can be submitted:

  • By Mail: BLM Price Field Office
    Attn: Price Field Office Manager
    125 South 600 West
    Price, UT 84501

Before including an address, phone number, email address, or other personal identifying information in any comments, be aware that the entire comment—including personal identifying information—could be made publicly available at any time. Requests to withhold personal identifying information from public review can be submitted, but the BLM cannot guarantee that it will be able to do so. The BLM will not consider anonymous comments.

All submissions from organizations and businesses, and from individuals identifying themselves as representatives or officials of organizations or businesses, will be available for public inspection in their entirety.

For additional EA-specific information, please contact Mike Tweddell at 435/636-3600. Persons who use a telecommunications device for the deaf can call the Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 800/877-8339 to leave a message or question with the above individual. The FIRS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Replies are provided during normal business hours.

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  1. Ahmed Mohsen Selected as BLM’s Price Field Office Manager

    “Mohsen started his Federal career in 1986 after graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a degree in geology and geophysics. He began at BLM’s Battle Mountain District Office, where he oversaw the largest gold and silver mines in the lower 48 states.”

    Release Date: 09/11/14
    Contacts: Lola Bird , 801-539-4033

    Price, Utah
    The Bureau of Land Management’s Acting Green River Utah District Manager Mike Stiewig today announced the selection of Ahmed Mohsen as the new BLM Price Field Office Manager. Mohsen has been acting in the position since the spring of this year.

    “Ahmed is an excellent addition to the BLM Utah Leadership Team, one who brings a wealth of public land management experience to the position,” said Stiewig. “He is a proven performer with outstanding collaboration and partnering skills, and is the perfect choice to continue the Price Field Office’s excellent record of public service.”

    Mohsen started his Federal career in 1986 after graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a degree in geology and geophysics. He began at BLM’s Battle Mountain District Office, where he oversaw the largest gold and silver mines in the lower 48 states. Seven years later he became the Planning and Environmental Coordinator for the California Desert District.

    In 2006, after five years with the Forest Service, Mohsen launched his own consulting company and helped initiate wind and geothermal energy projects on public and private lands. In 2012, his passion for public land management led him back to BLM as the Price Field Office’s Environmental Coordinator and later the Associate Field Manager.


    Critically Endangered (excerpts)
    DECEMBER 4, 2007

    Despite this endangered status for over 37 years, no studies, recovery plans, agreements or progress has been made toward the preservation of this ancestor of our wild burros.

    One of the only modern comprehensive sources of information available on the ass species is Equids: Zebras, Asses, and Horses: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan by Patricia Moehlman, P.D. (2002) and the Equid Specialist Group of IUCN.

    While the BLM has been “managing” wild burro herds for over three decades, almost no studies have been compiled on wild burros in general or of their individual herds – they are just “lumped in” with wild horses on every level.

    What limited historical data and studies has been done regarding wild burros has primarily been compiled by those interested in promoting big game species such as bighorn sheep who flourish in similar habitats as our own wild asses.

    Needless to say, these “authoritative opinions” always finds wild burros a great threat to any species and habitat; no matter how many centuries wild burro herds have been documented in the area, totally naturalized and co-existing in harmony within those ecosystems.

    In July 2000, Patricia Moehlman, Chairwoman of the Species Survival Commission and Equid Specialist for the World Conservation Union appealed to BLM to initiate more studies of our American wild asses in efforts to obtain relevant information for critically endangered asses throughout the world.

    However, the BLM had just released their “Strategy to Achieve and Manage Wild Burros at Appropriate Management Levels” in June of 2000, which authorized wild burro populations to be slashed nationally by at least 66%, despite their “federally protected status” -Dr. Moehlmans appeal for help was ignored. (1)

    While studies on wild asses stated their reproduction rate was only 4% in good years, the BLM has applied their “wild horse reproduction rate” of 20% per year (also in serious question) to wild burros as well.


  3. Thank you for caring about the plight of burros and educating us so that we may help. I look forward to posts with petitions and legislation changes. You are appreciated!


  4. We Need an immediate suit to intervene. This is ridiculous. We NEED an ALL OUT FIGHT FOR THESE ANIMALS.This is where HSUS or other organizations need to jump in and assist. We need to install protections specific to these animals. We have to Get as loud as possible and rally the troops. Just posting isnt enough this tine. Were watching wild destruction of the burros and instead of watching we need a physical stop to this. Many people do Not understand how few there really are and how they protect the lands. There fend off predators and they are hardy keepers and really use resources well. To remove them is just a ploy to keep pushing horses out the door. The range is on one side of the door and a meat hook is on the other side.


  5. The BLM should be done away with ASAP. It is a travesty, and is not working to accomplish preservation of wild creatures and land. I suggest a real effort be made to abolish this bureaucracy in the new year. We must act to preserve our national treasures i.e. our animals and parks.


  6. WHY this rush to remove the few remaining Federally Protected Wild Horses and Burros from our Public Lands?
    WHY are “they” in such a hurry?
    WHO wants them gone?
    This nagging question keeps lurking.
    Could this be the reason (or part of the reason)?

    The Terrible Truth about The Trans Pacific Partners Agreement
    would surrender control of 544 million acres of public land – a quarter of the entire U.S. land area – to international authorities.

    Yes or No? How’d your Rep. Vote on TPP Fast Track
    June 22, 2015

    So who voted for TPP fast track in the Senate?


  7. Last I heard there were only 900 wild burros in the US, yet the BLM is still waging an all out war to get rid of them any way they can. 900 wild burros is next to nothing to start with. Let’s face it, they are zeroing out all of our burros and mustangs and unless we create a sound strategy and fight them together we will continue to watch them being picked off herd by herd.


  8. Justice for Cecil the iconic collared lion slaughtered by trophy hunter!

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

    Dec 21, 2015 In response to the dramatic decline of lion populations in the wild, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced it will list two lion subspecies under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Panthera leo leo, located in India and western and central Africa, will be listed as endangered, and Panthera leo melanochaita, located in eastern and southern Africa, will be listed as threatened. Concurrent with this listing rule, to protect lions and other foreign and domestic wildlife from criminal activity, Service Director Dan Ashe also issued a Director’s Order to strengthen enforcement of wildlife permitting requirements.
    The order, which aligns with
    President Obama’s National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking,
    will ensure that violators of wildlife laws are not subsequently granted permits for future wildlife-related activities, including the import of sport-hunted trophies.


  9. How can they possibly get an accurate study of these remarkable animals after disrupting them from roundup. How can their behaviors be analyzed if mining of Tar Sands is allowed to go forwrd? Their structure will be disrupted while the landscape literally is moved beneath their feet.

    I am all for valid studies of the wild burros. I have asked for them for years. What they are proposing is insulting to any honest scientist. Almost 100,000 acres but it cannot sustain a viable herd of 150 burros or more? The “management” of these “protected” burros is clearly not the real focus of this study. It is smoke and mirrors as they move ahead to extract oil from Tar Sands which lie under the ground at the Sinbad HMA.

    Once again, our wildlife takes a backseat to money and profits, in many cases by foreign countries.


  10. $177,396.90 awarded to a BLM contractor for neck collars for wild burros!
    I don’t know if you happened to listen to any of BLM’s Dean Bolstad whining about how the BLM doesn’t have money for things that would help to SAVE our wild horses and burros on the range but they have funding money for ways of getting rid of them and obviously plenty of funding money for so called “research” [inhumane wld horse sterilization procedures known to cause deaths of the mares and the unborn foals] and I just found this notice that you and I have spent $177,396.90 to put neck collars [known to cause serious injury and sometimes death – per previoius similar studies] on our wild burros. Disgusting!
    Original Synopsis
    Mar 16, 2016
    Award Notice
    Contract Award Date:
    January 15, 2016
    Contract Award Dollar Amount:
    Contractor Awardee:
    115 PONY DR
    Added: Mar 16, 2016 10:56 am
    IGF::OT::IGF – GPS radio collars for wild horses and burros
    Contracting Office Address:


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