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barbra-russell-james-photoAll we can say is “Wow!” It is amazing to have one of the greatest entertainers of all time, the incomparable Barbra Streisand, sign this petition urging Obama and Biden to take action and end horse slaughter before they leave office.

Please join Barbra Streisand and thousands of other compassionate Americans by adding your name to this petition and then sharing it as well. To sign, please click here: https://www.change.org/p/barack-obama-obama-biden-end-the-slaughter-of-america-s-horses?recruiter=168695384&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive

We know that the President and V.P. are profoundly aware that horse slaughter could return to U.S. soil in the next administration. They have the power and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prevent that from happening and also ban the transport of live equines across our borders into Mexico and Canada for the purpose of slaughter.

We are so very grateful to Barbra Streisand for supporting this effort on behalf of America’s Wild and Domestic Equines! Thank you so much, Ms. Streisand!

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  1. What good is that she signed a petition? Need her millions of dollars to hire lobbyists to end it….. And whatever Obama and Biden do will only be overturned once trump is in. Pence is pro slaughter; you know it, and I do, too!!!

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    • Do you have proof that Trump will overturn it?
      Obama hasn’t done anything worthy in 8 years.
      I’m against horse slaughter so if Obama signs it before getting out, that will be the one great thing he’s done, IMO.


      • He did have VP step in, listen to advocates and add verbiage to a bill to stop NM opening that slaughterhouse. Also don’t forget “Salazar the slaughter Tsar” did step down, his resignation was accepted. The president listens, he reads emails sent him and tries to help where he can.


  2. God what ever it takes to protect our wild and domestic horses and other equines should be done. After the terrible election of 2016 it is clear we are beyond war for our horses. When you have people possibly at the top caring nothing about the people who you are suppose to represent, animals are not a high priority. We keep pushing HR 1942 and SB 1214 to the lastinute. I don’t understand when we have a 3 billion dollar Horse industry made of various owners that we can’t conjour up 100,000 signatures for a petition or force the Safe Food, Safe Horse.Export Act out of a committee?
    Where are the American people? 27% of all voters and possibly the Electoral College have decided the fate of our lives and that of our beloved equines. If there is ever a call to the American people to WAKE UP it is NOW!! Two members of the Electoral College have declined to vite for the Dumpster. If everyone reading this took the time to sign the petitions or find out the names of those in the Electoral College and drop them a note we could make history. Hillary Clinton was absolutely right when she called them a “Basket Full of Deplorables.”. She called it the way it was. But I now see its even worse and definitely will not get better. One Dumpster voter believed the lies until she found out one of his financial advisors or picks was the very person who foreclosed on her home. He left her homeless! God America let’s wake up and make history! We need Hillary desperately. And people had the nerve to call her a lier!! Do something besides burying your head in the sand and accepting defeat!! Call or email the Electoral College before December 19th!!


  3. This really should be done before the President leaves office, before it gets added to the Trump Blame pile. He’s got enough to be blamed for, but some isn’t his doing. To me, it is a neglect of duties by the current Interior Secretary. Thank you, Barbara!

    Also, because this is such an emotional issue, I need to ask again where to send my donation for hay – to the sheriff’s office, or to the advocacy group? If you could direct me to the address I’d appreciate it, thank you.


    • Presuming you mean the ISPMB horses, Ida, I think the safest bet is to send funds to the sheriffs department, at least they will be publicly accountable, and they have not been fully repaid so any funds will truly help whittle that down.


    • I understand what you mean. Oklahoma froths at the bit to be first state to reopen horse slaughter in USA.. Groups like “Protect the Harvest” can’t wait to get their hands on wild horses in holding, the current BLM board will be happy to sell to them for $10 each.


  4. I wish the Democrats would stop moaning about the Electoral College and do something. The election is over, they lost, and for good reason – they are out of touch. Now is the time to do their jobs and challenge some of Trump’s cabinet appointments, such as EPA.


    • Gail, no offense to your comment – I wrote mine before I read yours. But I am offended deeply by criticism of the Electoral College – it is unfair to have it by popular vote, and hardly democratic, unless we would like One Party Rule. We all now it is sour grapes on the part of the Dems, and they need to get to work like yesterday on serious business. They are responsible for the mess we are facing ahead.


  5. It is time for the Dem’s to move on, they lost and now we have to make the best of the situation. But all this whining. They had a flawed candidate that many of us Dems could not vote for. Next time hopefully it will be better but we have to help the horses and burro’s now. Barbra maybe can help get Washington to listen and heed the plight of these wonderful animals.


    • Flawed candidate? So how about the pres elect who plans to be working part time for our country? He won by a narrow margin in 3 electorially important states and lost the popular vote by a landslide. The Electoral College was written in so slave states would not have greater representation back in the 18th Cent. Time for a change. Most people live in large cities and not on plantations.


      • Chris, IMO we had two of the worst candidates probably ever to run for our highest office, and understand how many are questioning the electoral college, which is perhaps antiquated enough to merit revision or dissolution. However, the efforts to change this would carry more water if promoted BEFORE the election, and by both or even the winning party. The way it plays now really does look like sour grapes. I can easily enough imagine if the candidates roles were reversed we would be seeing a major effort against the “rigged system” as DJT promised. If we, the people, don’t want this system we are obliged to change it, but not the results it produced.


  6. IMO we need to work harder on the supply side of the slaughter issue to pinch off the supply which keeps the wheels greased. There are multiple strategies to consider, including like in the UK requiring every domestic equine to have a lifetime “passport” which transfers with the animal throughout its life and traces out not only drugs and veterinary care but also owners. The original breeder should have some ultimate responsibility for bringing animals into the world. I remember how surprised I was on first hearing from dog breeders that reputable breeders would take back any dog they sold, at any time, no questions asked, but that is becoming more normal now.

    What if all horse owners paid a small fee on buying feed or when selling a horse, that was put into a distinct fund to provide horse cemeteries in every state, for one example, and to provide microchips and monitoring so horses could be tracked throughout their lives and if they ended up in a slaughter sale the original breeder could be traced. If all horses in the system were required to be chipped then any without one would have to be pulled aside and cared for by sanctuaries in the states where this was discovered. This would get states more involved in order to avoid the costs.

    Humane euthanasia by certified veterinarians could be an option for horses found suffering and dumped at any sales, again paid for by this fund.

    You get the idea, it’s not too polished but as long as people can make money (and buy public officials with it) by using up and throwing away horses the pipeline will keep chugging along. We can and should look into ways to more ethically breed and take responsibility for domestic equines all over this nation. We can do this state by state exclusive of Presidential or Congressional interference. It’s just business!


    • Icy – how many years have real horse (wild & domestic) advocates (us included) been trying to make public the message re: breed organizations need to become actually responsible for their push for more & more registrations? I realize that there are other reason for the horses being thrown away – the people who buy a horse (or a dog or a cat) and dont comprehend the fact that these are living creatures who deserve to live and be cared for ALL of their lives! Just like wild animals deserve to BE wild. All of your suggestions are really good ones.


      • I am with ya Ms. Maggie I understand all you are saying but until the American people come together and MAKE the horse slaughtering problem a national issue I am afraid nothing will be done. We have made AMAZING progress the passed 20 years but still just not enough. Getting the funding revoked 2 years ago in D.C was a great victory but it was not a permanent solution, Senates votes to restore the USDA inspection funding and we are back to square one again.

        TBH people like Streisand and other very well off and famous celebrates from the SPCA etc, etc could do oh so so so so much more if they would all become one voice. If I had their status and money I like others could make A LOT MORE OF NOISE on this issue instead “Hey Mr. POTUS we should stop this”. This is all they do and then they stop or become silent again. I would have ads all over the TV, internet, newspaper etc etc running 24/7 but no one does this except the occasional TV ad here and there.

        If everyone (mainly celebrities and others with influence including the American people) would all come together as one and continually YELL at the top of our lungs that would do it. Just too much individualism on the slaughter issue.

        I will pray this petition works but just do not see the WHAT COULD BE driving force behind it but I never said never. FINGERS CROSSED.


      • Todd – youre right! Until there is enough vocal loud crying out to DO something – nothing will be done. And yeah, now we all cringe waiting to see if hopefully the funding gets DE-funded again. Its good that celebrities speak out & sign petitions – but does seem like they could help financially too.


  7. Unless the horse again becomes a NATIONAL ASSET like they were in and prior too WWI no one in D.C. (unless we get a REAL HORSE LOVER in office) will care unfortunately but will continue to fight for our beloved Companions til I no longer can.


    • Todd, pre WWI almost everyone in this country grew up around horses and used them for various purposes pretty regularly. That is just no longer true, to our loss. Getting urban folks who only know animals at all through photographs and are struggling to survive themselves is a tall order. Some of our demographic shifts are towards cultures with an acceptance for eating horses, too.

      I think we have to look harder at the supply side to make any headway against those who profit from the current system.


    • Well geri, I have a feeling with the latest nominees picked for EPA & Interior – Mr. Trump will surpass any harm done by many past presidents!


  8. I emailed President and VP directly several times over the years, over Salazar, the doi, blm and the current set-up where America won’t even list horses as a native species. Scares me the horses are listed as a resource, it’s a small step for states/feds to call wild horses an invasive species, like starlings, pigeons, Asian carp, rats and wild hogs. open killing season year round for those animals.


  9. The goal for this petition is 100,000 signatures. Send it to every organization that you know and ask them to help circulate it. There isn’t much time left

    This petition to save Prairie Dogs has received almost 100,000 signatures.
    Allthough it has been in circulation for a while, it did gain a lot of signatures in a short time.

    98,302 SUPPORTERS
    “Why are they trying to kill us? Boulder City Council, please save our colony!”
    by: Prairie Protection Colorado
    target: City Council

    URGENT: A kill permit has been filed with the City of Boulder that will grant a developer, on what is called the “Armory” property, the permission to annihilate a beautiful colony of prairie dogs this coming fall. The excuse for this atrocity is that there is nowhere for them to go!

    We are asking the City of Boulder to open up 10 acres of our public land for these prairie dogs. Currently, 45,000 acres are set aside as Open Space and Mountain Parks to help preserve wildlife habitat.

    We want the Open Space grasslands to teem with the native plants and the many threatened and endangered animals that depend on the prairie dog, a keystone species, for survival. City of Boulder, reassess your priorities for how these grasslands are managed and open up 10 acres for this beloved colony!

    You can help! The survival of these beautiful prairie dogs depends on your actions! Please sign now to let the City of Boulder know this colony must be relocated as soon as possible onto City Open Space grasslands!

    UPDATE: The City of Boulder and the Armory developer have agreed to move the Prairie Dogs to city owned land!!! We need to keep the attention focused on the details, because the agreement hasn’t been finalized yet, but this is an amazing step, and due to your hard work!!!


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