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Alexander Urges Zero Tolerance for Illegal Horse Soring


“Republicans Close Ranks to Squash Inhumane Horse Soring…”

Legislative Asst. Barry Londeree, Terry Fitch and Jerry Finch listen to Rep. Whitfield discuss bill to help stop the "soring" of Tennessee Walking horses

Legislative Asst. Barry Londeree, Terry Fitch and Jerry Finch listen to Rep. Whitfield discuss bill to help stop the “soring” of Tennessee Walking horses.  Photo by R.T. Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

Washington, D.C. (WDEF) – U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) released the following statement after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) finalized a rule that would give the agency authority to ban all action devices and require USDA selected inspectors:

“I am in favor of wiping out the contemptible and illegal practice of horse soring, not wiping out the century old tradition of showing Tennessee Walking Horses as this rule could do. I and other members of Congress introduced legislation last Congress that would end horse soring. I would hope the new Secretary of Agriculture will not concur with this overreaching rule announced during the last few days of the Obama administration and instead will work with Congress to enact legislation that punishes trainers, owners and riders who abuse horses while preserving the opportunity for law abiding horse enthusiasts to participate in competitions that are the basis of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry.”

The Tennessee Walking Horse industry supports more than 20,000 jobs nationwide and pumps $3.2 billion into the nation’s economy.

On Jan. 13th, USDA published the final rule: “Horse Protection: Licensing of Designated Qualified Persons and Other Amendments.” The final rule requires USDA to assume responsibility for training, screening, and licensing horse inspectors and bans the use of all action devices.

In the last Congress, Alexander, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced legislation to take additional steps to end horse soring, while preserving the Tennessee Walking Horse tradition.

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  1. I think the new regulations are great now let’s see what they do about enforcement. Its a shame a minority ruined the breed by their inhumane treatment of a great breed of Horse. This did not have to happen except for greedy money hungry blood thirsty people. If you ever watched a Walker baby or Saddlebred baby out in pasture with its mom most show the inherited action from the start. That was not enough for some greedy people. The breed Association and members did not monitor their breed either. As a member of the Arabian Horse Association, past Convention Delegate and member of the Equine Stress and Education committee, our breed continues to monitor our industry. When humane situations come up they are brought to our committee. We also have a procedure to handle complaints which go to our Ethical Treatment committee which is elected by the members. The Equine Stress and Education committee reviewed at length shoeing and pad regulations. Thers was a subcimmittee made up of farriers, veterinarians, trainers and members who gathered research before new regulations would be passed at the convention. We have addressed tail issues and abuse in the show ring regarding the treatment of halter horses and the use of other devices put in horses mouth to keep them from opening their mouths during western pleasure and reining. Sounds sick, thats what the majirity of our Delegates and members thought too. This type of activity has now been prohibited thru the help of our committee, Delegates and members. I am proud to say AHA does not sit on the sideline and let trainers and others dictate the treatment of the Arabian breed. The Arabian racing disapline takes their horses care very seriously too. If a problem arises it is brought to light and addressed. I am proud that are breed has procedures in place and inhumane treatment is not tolerated no matter how much money or political affliation they have.

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  2. Don’t be fooled these people are no friend to the walking horses, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.)


    • It seems from what I read that Senator Alexander had good intentions, trusting that the industry would do a good job of self-policing. Supposedly, they didn’t do a good enough job to protect the horses from abuse. I’ve also read that Sen. McConnel hasn’t been all that good towards equine welfare legislation. I am not overly familiar with where Sen. Rand Paul stands on animal issues though. However, congressmen have the ability to change their stances. I hope and pray that they will make a greater effort to protect the well-being of these horses.


  3. Please Read this version: he clearly States he hopes the Trump Administration OVERTURNS THE OVEREACHING LEGISLATION. Folks this article above is misrepresentation of the real standpoint revealed in the article I am giving you a link to. Hes talking out of 2 sides of his mouth. He wants abuse to stop yadayada yada then he clearly states He will see the Trump Administration Overturns it while still yadayadaya proscuting people. In other words he wants to appear to agree while disabling the new guidelinez and using the out of date ones which have farely large cracks. Dont be decieved. PLEASE let Congressmen and women know of this mans deception. Has anyone read Buchanans new piece on Wild Horses? Hes outright slaughter em all again. …heres the truth behind the above story…..

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      • Thats a proslaughter Scare tactic. Make people believe it will Destroy the entire Show Industry. The truth is it will Eliminate the 20-30 in Control of the Industry while allowing everyone else to compete the way Walkers should. Its that 20-30 that cant cut cold turkey on Abuse and play by the rules against flat footers they look down on all these decades. Plus if they condemn the Industry to closure they panic the public while claiming that these horses “retire and are healthy” (er…..slaughter house packaged with kerosene, gasoline and other such things absorbed into the horse meat and blood.) These folks are creative abusers.

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      • Oh, I see. Just like those people who point the finger at all animal advocates while chanting that we’re a bunch of carrot-crunching hippies that want to end animal agriculture, animal entertainment, pet ownership, etc. The hysteria in their propaganda is laughable. I guess all meat eaters worship Forrest Lucas, all Christians are members of the Westboro Baptist Church, all Muslims are members of ISIS, all republicans are nazis, all democrats live in mommy and daddy’s basement…

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    • I wish it was over. We need to be prepared as the link I provided states they are manipulating Trump to Overturn it. Please lets be prepared for war and Not prepared to claim Victory until All their cards are on the table.

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  4. Finally! It is truly hard to believe that people are capable of inflicting this kind of pain and suffering on another living creature. I don’t know why it takes forever and a day to change such inhumane actions! All in the name of greed. I wish more news media would expose them. If the show industry is this corrupt behind the scenes, perhaps it needs to go. Like Ringling Bros. circus, perhaps the time has come, and develop a horse show where it isn’t necessary to torture animals for something so unimportant as human entertainment.


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