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Video: Equine Advocates Alarmed Over Salt River Wild Horse Harassment

Source: Salt River Wild Horse Management Group and

Public Harassment May Have Caused Foal’s Death

From Simone Netherlands; “Dear Supporters of the horses, please click this link first, then you can leave a comment under ABC15’s post about the harassment of wild horses. The more you care, the more you share, the more people will be aware. Thank you!”

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  1. Our wild horses and burros need protection from public harassment and from Washington, which has removed so many from our public lands in order to give cheap leases to private interests such as cattle and sheep ranching, which damage the environment.

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  2. Most people just need to be educated about the importance of keeping that 40″ or 50″ barrier between the horses and humans. The distance is necessary to protect the humans from biting, kicking, or other types of actions horses do just because they are horses. They also need to understand that feeding horses meant for human consumption like water melon rinds is really bad for horses and can make the horse sick, so it is important try not to interact with these horses. Allow them to be wild and enjoy the opportunity to view them in their natural habitat.

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    • No offense, because I hear this all the time – that people need to be educated about wildlife – but as our Moms would say, ‘how many times do I have to tell you?’ It’s also an insult to the intelligence of most people, to continually excuse the bad or unthinking/unfeeling behavior of some in this way. We really need to face up to the fact that for some, this is just how they behave, and no amount of ‘educating’ is going to enlighten them. Some just are incapable of getting the message, and someone needs to step in and educate them about consequences, like fines. It’s too passive an approach.


      • Part of the educational process would be to put up signs prohibiting the harassment of wildlife and the amount of the fine/imprisonment for those who do (my endangered fish protections method).

        Saying that people don’t know is just babying and coddling, and putting people above the wildlife, no matter how badly they behave.


  3. Shameful that there are so many people unaware that WILD animals need their space – distance from humans! There seems to be a disaffect with some people – that they are special & can do as they please – with no idea that they are impinging on other creatures. Have the people who harassed these horses & are responsible for the death of the foal been identified? Frankly = publicizing their names & charging them with the harassment of wildlife would be start. This kind of treatment is not excusable!

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  4. Many human beings don’t seem to respect boundaries, for other people or wildlife. It’s very selfish, and shows a lack of empathy, which we are so fond of insisting we have as a species. Also, there really ought to be signage. One might think the BLM and Forest Service didn’t care, if one didn’t know better. ;(


  5. If other people see this sort of thing, the ought to speak up. It reminds me of an incident where I saw an adult man taking endangered fish out of a protected area, like a fool. One of his kids had his arm in the water, and his daughter was too busy on her pink smart phone to care.

    I spoke to him about it, and he behaved towards me in a very threatening manner – but if he had done anything I would have had him arrested so quick his head would have spun. I am more than happy to report to authorities or speak up about abuse when I see it.


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