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Feel Good Sunday: Step Aside Spielberg! Horses Film New Hit Ads!

Source: WarHorses (Women of Age Riding Horses)

We’re not horsin’ around, the horses actually filmed several new commercials promoting Lexington as “the Horse Capital of the World.” And why shouldn’t they, who would know better than the horses, right?

That’s exactly what Lexington marketing firm, Cornett decided while developing a new campaign for VisitLEX, Lexington’s public service organization which promotes tourism and growing the economy for the Bluegrass Region.

“One of the things we’ve been trying to do is share the different stories of Lexington … and with horse farms allowing fans on the grounds more, trying to show people what it actually looks like. They want to see what horses actually do. And we wanted to do it from a fun perspective,” said Gathan Borden, vice president of marketing for VisitLEX.

Pasture residents of Mill Ridge Farm were assigned the task of film maker. Vegas, Trip, Barbie, Jacaranda and Kittens Peak were fitted with a dog harness and GoPro then turned loose in their pasture to film. They couldn’t wait to show why the bluegrass region is such a great place to visit – straight from the horse’s mouth, or from their forehead.

Their work may not win them an Oscar but they’ve got a pretty good shot at an Addie award!

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  1. Secret lives of farm animals-and the occasional wild burro.
    GoPro in a Bucket Gives Charming Glimpse Into Drinking Animals
    Note: The swimming bees were rescued.


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