Equine Rescue

Horses Allowed Stabling at Sam Houston Race Park to Escape Harvey

Source:  texashillcountry.com

At 7575 North Sam Houston Parkway near Willowbrook Mall in northwest Houston sits the Sam Houston Race Park, a place where people go to bet on horses races that are simulcasted and take place on site. Many Houstonians have also visited the Race Park to see concerts at the track. But now, the Race Park has another function – it’s housing horses who needed safe stabling away from flooding.

Click2Houston.com writes that starting on Friday, the Race Track asked those who needed to drop off their horse to come to the gate and call for assistance. From there, security would help get the person’s horse set up in a stable (up to 100 are available). Water was provided by the Race Track, so horse owners just needed to bring “a stable gate, food, bedding, and buckets.”

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  1. A year ago our farm was under flood waters for 9 days. We evacuated our horses and livestock. No one could answer when is it safe to return them to our pastures, so I want to share this. After meeting with vets, farm extension services from around the country and soil testing, it will take 6-8 weeks for the land to drain, sunshine to kill the bacteria and some light rain to filter the bacteria into the soil. I spent a lot of time investigating this so I hope it will help there in Texas


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