Equine Rescue

Hurricane Harvey Strains Seasoned Horse Rescuers in Houston

By R.T. Fitch ~ President/Co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“The Water Just Kept on Coming…”

Sunday night with all but barn and house flooded, shot from garage video camera

My humble apologies for not being out and upfront about our status during the rising waters of Hurricane Harvey but we have had our own issues to deal with so energy was focused inward instead of out, for that I apologize.

All souls on our property are now safe and sound but others have not fared as well.

HfH flooded barn…rendering feeding all but impossible

Jerry Finch of Habitat for Horses emailed a photo of their barn under water while they rescue horses in Galveston County. Jerry, Terry and I rescued horses out of New Orleans after Katrina 12 years ago and Terry managed the animal rescue in Louisiana after Rita but Jerry reports that this was/is worse.

“This is far worse than Katrina. We can’t get more than a couple of miles away because of flooded roads. We need boats to rescue horses. Not kidding.”

We estimate between 16 – 20 ft of water in our back pastures with the water coming only inches from the house and barn but we are good, as it is receding but what is NOT good is that we have gotten a report that Marjorie Farabee, our Director of Wild Burro Affairs and Equine Manager for TMR, Inc. slipped on wet rocks and has broken her back. We are attempting to get the facts but her Facebook page seems to be the place to go for info.

There are a lot of folks out there who need help and the rescue of both humans and horses alike continue. We thank everyone for their concern and will keep you updated as time permits.

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  1. Thank you, R.T.
    Myself and others have been very concerned about you and Terry and Marjorie and all of the critters under your care. I know that all of you have endured similar storms and storm damage and are as prepared as you can get but this is the storm to end all storms, as they say.
    Knowing you and yours are safe and sound is a great relief but others are not as lucky and thank goodness there are many rescuers doing everything under their power to help others. Thank you ALL.
    And Marjorie … take care!!!


  2. Praying for all, so glad you & yours are safe. Been watching the videos, so devestating, my heart just weeps. So sorry to hear of Marjorie’s accident, hope she & the Burros are ok.


  3. We have family down there who are fortunate to get pets and children to safety. We are praying for everyone and sending everyone and anything we can to help Texas equines, dogs and cats and other pets. Use caution but keep forging ahead and whatever we can do let us know. Our hearts go out to Texas. We have been tracking equine and livestock rescue efforts and our hearts are heavy as we find how many did not make it. Our focus is on making certain that as many as can get out and recover do.


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