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Controversy Consumes the Office of Horse Hater Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke the Dinky

Oh My GAWD by R.T. Fitch

“It pains me to appear to disparage or denounce a fellow veteran of the United States of American, and his honorable standing is in question, but the disgusting actions, history and bravado of the Trump appointed Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ryan “Dinky” Zinke, has me pulling my last few hairs out in not only disbelief but abject anger and disgust.

“MY Man-Boobs are bigger than YOURS”

This man, if that is what he really is, was a part time legislator in Montana back in 2008 and had the abject and misguided gonads to walk a bill through his state’s legislature to promote the building of the a horse slaughter plant in his home state. GAWD!

To add injury to insult he did not even have the intelligence to draft the bill himself but instead acted as the whore of his homey and good ole boy buddy “Red” Ed Butcher who crafted the bill on his Etch-O-Sketch.   What a bunch of LOSERS.

Now, for some unknown reason, this lack of ethics deviant has been granted a much regarded, special interest serving position as head of the Department of Interior where he can not only destroy our public lands, sell our national monuments to special interests and MURDER all of our federally protected wild horses and burros but can further line his pockets as being the “Chief-Cook-and-Bottle-Washer” for the most corrupt agency in the current, operating federal government.

Zinke the Dinky is currently the BIGGEST embarrassment to the Trump Administration and I personally implore you sane U.S. Taxpayers to Tweet, ReTweet, Facebook, FAX, Email and call the President to dump this POS and move forward with saving our public lands RIGHT NOW. This guy may have rode a horse to his office on the first day of his job, in an effort to be really cool, but he is about as special as a cow patty on the side of the road as he has stated, many times, that a horse is a piece of property and needs to be disposed of when “it” no longer serves a utilitarian purpose. POS!

Posted below is a recent collection of current mainstream media news on what a piece of crap Zinke the Dinky really is and I sincerely apologize for being so negative but this idiot really has my fin up and I challenge him to a public debate on the issue of our Wild Horses and Burros…Dinky, are you man enough?”:

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  1. I call him Slinky Zinke. He’s out to out-Trump Trump at every turn, competing for favorable publicity and employing slash-and-burn techniques for everything sacred, balanced and natural on our public lands. Only concerted, coordinated, persistent action such as that suggested in this post can save wild places and wild equines.


  2. You arent at all being negative, you are being realistic. The man is corrupt. He even has some past history of being corrupt while serving in the military, so no big surprise he still is. Anyone who will sell out our irreplaceable open lands and parks to oil and gas concerns for mining, mountain-topping, and fracking is in my opinion a huge traitor. To add to this misery he has a vendetta against wild horses and burros, which places him in the category of someone fresh from Hell. He needs to be in jail. I have a feeling his corruption will catch up with him pretty soon.


  3. The top image is a photoshop I hope? And yeah. He’s a real piece of work. Remember his famous quote: “When a horse is too old to breed, too old to ride, or too expensive to feed, a horse is disposed of.” You know what I say to that? “When a politician becomes self-absorbed, power hungry, or out of touch with the American people, a politician looses his job.” 😉

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    • “When a politician becomes self-absorbed, power hungry, or out of touch with the American people, a politician looses his job.”!! Amen.
      You think if that was done – there would actually be anyone left?

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  4. This loser needs fired!!! Misuse of funds to boot!!! Not doing his job at all!! Spending funds instead of solving problems just making more troubles for everyone🐴🐴🐴🐴


  5. [Ryan Zinke] “…has received at least $345,000 from the oil and gas industry over the years. Fracking giant Oasis Petroleum is his second-biggest donor…”
    “Oasis Petroleum, which owns a North Dakota well that leaked more than 67,000 gallons of crude oil last year and another that blew out and killed two workers in 2011…”
    Excerpt from:


  6. I refer to him as Stinky. Interesting how we all seem to have negative adjectives of his name.

    A bit off topic…but did you see pictures of Roy Moore on a tiny horse? The fool is like 6 ft 9 inches tall. He sits at like a 40 degree angle. Feet way out in front, he does not sit upright…like square on his pelvis. He’s more on his glutes. And his shoulders are even further back. He looks horrible and has zero balance. He rides what appears to be a tiny miniature.

    By contrast I was out on my walk this morning. My friends daughter was with us. This VERY kind lady stopped her horse and let my friends daughter ride. Talk about a natural! Sit up straight, heels tucked in alignment with her rump and shoulders in alignment with her rump and heels. The contrast is quite startling…this is a kid who has ZERO experience compared with a mean old man who rides worse than any dirty licker hanging onto the horses mouth!


  7. «Dinky, are you man enough?”»

    He sure feels man enough, but only when he is sporting his rifle with the flag sticker crap.

    He probably had the horse he rode killed and served roasted to him in a silver plate. What a loser.


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