Action Alert! Sign on to list American Bison as A Species of Conservation Concern

Source:  Buffalo Field Campaign
Signatories Wanted!

For individuals in the United States, please sign on to our report in support of listing American bison as a species of conservation concern on National Forest lands.

Your signature will be added to our final report and submitted as a public comment to recognize American bison as a species of conservation concern in the Custer Gallatin National Forest’s revised forest plan.

Becoming a signatory will also give you standing to object to the National Forest’s final decision.

In signing on, you will be adding your voice to a chorus of people who want to see the legacy of wild bison on National Forest lands protected for future generations.

For thousands of years native bison have roamed the forest. This is our country’s National Mammal and the last representation of wild bison still roaming their native land. Sign on today!

Individuals & Organizations:  To become a signatory, please fill out each of the required fields HERE.

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  1. Just got another alert from Buffalo Field Campaign – 96 buffalo in the trap the last time they were able to tell. Since BFP is unable to clearly SEE inside the trap – they are unable to tell if there are more now. Honestly, what would it take to stop this asinine “quarantine” of our native mammal – when there is no actual reason for it? Only the livestock industry protecting their “own” !
    Sounds a lot like the whole wild horse “issue”, doesn’t it?


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