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Love Wild Horses® plans to save over 400 Nevada wild horses from drought

Love Wild Horses® is creating a new life saving, eco-friendly and permanent water spring to save 400+ Deer Springs wild horses  from drought.  This Water for Wild Horses Project installation is scheduled to begin in early April.

This past July, just 6 months ago, Love Wild Horses (LWH), presented a natural, compassionate sustainability design, to ease suffering and improve the survival for our wild horses to the Bureau of Land Management’s Elko, Nevada, District Office.  An agreement was reached, and Love Wild Horses is now creating and securing needed drinking water for the Deer Springs wild horses, so that they can survive the coming drought. 

Love Wild Horses’ Public Relations Manager & Nevada Boots on the Ground, Jeanne Bencich-Nations, has been closely monitoring the Deer Springs water source and presently reports that the horses have just enough water, but with not much rain in sight and a dire drought forecast, the timing to launch this Water for Wild Horses Project is happening at the perfect time.

This agreement to bring water to the wild horses was successfully reached in one of the most challenging parts of our country, the Great Basin Desert, in the heart of cattle, sheep, oil, mining and ranching interests.

If you want to learn more or find out how you can help to bring life saving water to these horses, contact:

“Water for Wild Horses is dedicated in loving honor & memory of Chance & Lance, two shining sons and sacred brothers, who are working now on the other side, to help the wild horses, with us.”

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  1. A fine example of how concerned citizens can and do make a difference for our wild horses. We need more such initiatives, and less maltreatment of both our wild horses and our taxpaying citizens.


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