The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Videos – With Love to All Species of Mothers

“Today, is all but a perfect day to remind we two legged passengers on this great Spaceship Earth that we are not the only travelers who experience love, compassion and concern for those who are members of our family and community. 

We at Wild Horse Freedom Federation are fighting with every breath we take to keep the families of wild horses and burros together, free and in the wild where they belong.  That is our singular mission but our eyes are not closed to the struggles of other species and the abuse we as humans rain down upon the innocent.  Hence, we share with you, today, the beauty and grace of many moms who love and care for the young ones.  We celebrate mothers of all species and hope that these glimpses into moments from other families may warm your heart and strengthen your souls.

Happy Mother’s day to all of you lovely and beautiful creatures.  We are all ‘here’ only because of your sacrifice.  May God bless you on your very special day.” ~ love, R.T.

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  1. Thanks so much RT !! need a lift these painful days —from so much bad news and humans behaving dreadfully


    Comments due today

    Mesa Verde National park prefers removal of ‘trespass horses’

    Mesa Verde National Park is seeking public comment on a plan to remove free-roaming horses and cattle from the park’s interior.
    Currently, about 80 “trespass horses” and 12 feral cattle roam the backcountry of Mesa Verde, which is known for its Ancestral Puebloan ruins. The animals are not considered wildlife, and the park does not allow livestock grazing under its management policy.
    On Friday, a Livestock Removal Environmental Assessment was released for a 30-day public comment period on the issue. The park’s preferred Alternative B includes a phased, proactive approach to remove all livestock within five years, and improve the park’s boundary fencing over the next 10 years to prevent livestock from re-entering the park.
    “We are working on how to humanely remove livestock from the park and identify potential homes for captured, unclaimed livestock,” said Mesa Verde National Park Superintendent Cliff Spencer. The primary capture methods identified in the preferred alternative include baited pen trapping and horseback roundups.
    The National Park Service will coordinate with the Colorado Brand Inspection Division and local brand inspectors to identify possible owners of the trespass livestock, and will follow the most humane methods as defined by the American Veterinarian Medical Association, the park said.



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