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BLM’s Bruneau Wild Horse feedlot temporarily closed due to strangles outbreak

photo by Carol Walker taken at recent BLM tour of the Bruneau feedlot

Source:  BLM

News Release

Idaho                                                                              Contact: Heather Tiel-Nelson
For immediate release                                                                                                (208) 736-2352
July 19, 2018                                                                                                             

Bruneau Wild Horse Off-Range Corrals to temporarily close due to strangles outbreak

BRUNEAU, Idaho—The BLM is voluntarily closing the Bruneau Wild Horse Off-Range Corrals (ORC) to horses entering or leaving the facility due to an outbreak of an upper respiratory infection. Individual infected animals are being tested to confirm the diagnosis, but early signs indicate strangles, or equine distemper. Although horses usually recover without treatment, this disease is highly contagious, spreads from direct or indirect contact between horses and can lead to more serious complications in some horses.

The closure may delay the shipment of the wild horses gathered from three Wyoming Herd Management Areas—Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, and Great Divide Basin— to BLM facilities and events nationwide to be placed into private care.

“The Bruneau ORC horses will be monitored closely by facility staff and an on-call veterinarian,” said Krystle Wengreen, Bruneau ORC manager.  “After all signs of infection have passed, the closure will be lifted and horses may be transported out of the facility to event locations. The BLM takes the health of every wild horse seriously.”

For more information, contact the Bruneau Off-Range Corrals at (208) 329-4534.

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  1. You and I have paid this Simplot contractor over $8 million dollars in the last two years to hold our wild horses in this Bruneau Idaho feedlot and yet these horses don’t have one drop of shade and the strangles disease causes the animals to have high fevers – among other symptoms – and the temperatures there are between 90-100 degrees in the next few weeks.
    Animal abuse.


  2. WAIT a minute, it’s odd that BLM is so concerned for the mustangs health when they are pursuing every turn to destroyed them, or sell the to kill buyers, or rip their ovaries out, or shoot them.
    Come on….stop being puppets to special interests groups. The livestock have destroyed public lands, not the mustangs. Use PZP, listened to groups who are keeping population growth low, get you herd numbers & reproduction rates correct. Quit lying about what your up to & Start Listening to American People. 👂👂👂👂


  3. My horse was boarded at a barn where they had a strangles outbreak. There was a hackline there and horses from a local auction were brought in quite often. I was fortunate – my horse was about 13 then, & I did get him vaccinated (not sure how effective the vaccine was) & he was fine – didnt get sick. A friend of mine & I had been giving a little tlc to one of the yearlings & had NO clue what the swellings on his throat were. Got educated fast!
    Cant imagine these horses are going to be given much care at all – monitored closely? And left in the heat with no shade? Sounds like a BLM program to lower the count of horses.

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  4. Things like this would not happen if they were left to be free . The conditions you have them in and so many in small tight areas is not safe for them . No shelter from the elements you should have learned your lesson from the group that endured the horrible winter and the conditions you left them in and the blindness they had gotten . These are living creatures ! They do not deserve this. Use the tools of darting for sterilization, and leave them for all to enjoy . Wild and free!


    • Timing is odd since these horses have been here for months, too. Usually they will get strangles at first exposure, not months later, so this may be related to human cross contamination, or perhaps ultra dry feedlot conditions stirring up the bacteria which lingers in the soil. Also suspicious since it means horses only recently allowed to be viewed will of course be hidden away again from the public for months.

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