The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: “It’s Personal”

by R.T. Fitch

Every Sunday we attempt to add some sort of levity and brightness to your week in an effort to recharge you for what awaits us in the 7 days that will follow.

Well (never start a sentence with well as you might fall in) I am taking the day off, myself.  I intend to spend some interesting and quality time with Terry.  You see, over the years we have made many sacrifices in our personal relationship in an effort to put us in a position to continue to help animals in need and in doing so we have spent much time apart.  In my career I have worked extensively overseas, which I attempted to conceal as much as possible due to security concerns.  But two years ago, I was forced into retirement and if I have ever been an extreme failure at anything, it has been retirement.  I suck.

Due to my inability to disengage myself from my career and work ethic Terry sent me out on a quest to burn up/off my male need to provide and I have been a roving consultant ever since.  Up until May I had been gone for a year working gigs from LA to Minnesota to Maine (where I spent the winter).  Now I find myself in Omaha and Terry will not let me return to the ranch until I get the male ego thing burned out of my system and learn how to relax instead of continually working.  Soooooo…I flew her up here to spend some time with me.

Fortunately we have some good folks, back home in Texas, who take care of our horses, dog, cats, fish, birds, deer, raccoons and possums so the critters are in good hands.  But today, I am taking the day off and hoping that you will do the same, please.  On our agenda is visiting several local breweries and brew pubs as I intend to see Omaha through local Beer Goggles (Uber is on standby).

So enjoy your day, please do whatever floats your boat and we will be back and engaged with the mission bright and early, or close to it, Monday morning.

Be safe my friends; you are all in my thoughts so often. ~ R.T.

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