Day: September 16, 2018

Feel Good Sunday: Man Hears Leashed Pets Are Allowed In Store — So He Brings His Horse

“Time to take a break from the storms, legal battles and selfless energies that so many of you give to this effort and to the betterment of the world we live in. Please take a moment to rest and wash out your mind and souls.

We try not to plug stores and/or companies, here at SFTHH, but in our part of the country we probably spend more time in Tractor Supply than anywhere else, go figure. And at our farm, when I fire up the big red, diesel one ton there is a little Border Collie right at my side, nudging me and saying, “I gotta go too, I just gotta go”. So bringing a four legged companion to Tractor Supply is not foreign to us, in fact, it is simply standard operating procedure. But a horse? That is stretching it a bit, not that we don’t have a few that would like to give it a shot. (Heck, when we let the boys graze in the yard and forget to close the garage overhead doors we often have find Apache trying to open up the interior door to the house…one time, when unsuccessful I exited the house only to step into a pile ‘used hay’ that he had deposited while trying to wait us out.)

So please feel free to read, relax and enjoy as our trials and tribulations will be right where we left them when we reengage, tomorrow. Love ya’all.” ~ R.T.

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