The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Video – This Puppy Was Determined To Prove Everyone Wrong

Source: The Dodo

“Boy, this Sunday morning did not go as planned.  I had spent last night working on an outline for a piece that I was planning to write, for today’s installment, on the issue of Daylight Savings Time and how goofy everyone is about it when suddenly this video crossed my computer screen…tissue alert.

My piece can wait, this story is for today as it speaks to the spirit and heart of not only the voiceless ones we attempt to help but to the spirit of those who help them.  Be it dogs, cats, birds or horses; those who see beyond their own personal desires and sacrifice their time and life efforts to help those who are helpless, ya’all are my true heroes.

Keep the faith.

Love ya.” ~ R.T.

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  1. Shows what someone who CARES can do! And what encouragement can do for an animal (or human). Beautiful beautiful story.


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