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Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Donkey Loves Jumping With Her Mom

Source: The Dodo

“This week could very be an example of what my wife, Terry, means when she says, ‘Life Happens!’ 

We have been short on blog posts, the past several days, as I have been traveling and due to the fact that my traveling computer upgraded to a new version of an operating system that has had me pulling my last three (3) hairs out on how to get things back to normal.

But with that said, it is Sunday, I am at home with a painfully long “Honey-Do” list so let’s add a shot of ‘Bailey’s’ to the coffee and kick back with another interesting and lovable Feel Good Sunday video.

Tomorrow we will start anew.  Be safe, my friends.” ~ R.T.

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  1. Why We Keep a Donkey
    – author unknown
    When your day seems out of balance
    And so many things go wrong
    When people fight around you
    And the day drags on and on
    When parents act like children
    And everything goes wonky
    Go out into the pasture
    Wrap your arms around your donkey.
    His gentle breath enfolds you
    He watches with those eyes
    He does not have his PHD
    but he is oh-so-wise!
    His head rests on your shoulder
    You hold him very tight
    He puts your world in balance
    And makes it seem all right.
    Your tears, they soon stop flowing
    The tension now has eased
    The stress it has been lifted
    You are quietly at peace.
    So when you need respite
    From the turmoil in your day
    The best therapy ever
    Is out there eating hay!


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