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Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Donkey and Woman Who Both Lost Children Celebrate Their Emotional Journey

The Dodo

Ronnie the donkey was so depressed after he lost his baby boy. But the woman who adopted him knew exactly what he was going through and figured out the sweetest way to make him feel at home.

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  1. Just love the story! And it’s so true! My kill pen Arabian mare has been with me since December! She too lost someone because I sometimes see that far away look in her eyes! But we always take time to give her an extra hug and tell her how beautiful she! When I turn her out in the indoor arena, she rushes to the Dressage mirrors and just looks at her self! Both my kill pen girls Donatella Versage and Giada De love the mirrors!
    And Gias self esteem is returning from her disgusting experience in the kill pen! They always will return the love, but in there own time!
    May God bless her!

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