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Feel Good Sunday: Video~ Brave Wild Horse is Determined to Run Again | Animal Videos for Kids

The Dodo for Kids

“Many thanks to The Dodo for recognizing the magical work that Clare Staples and her talented crew at SKYDOG Sanctuary churn out at a glorious pace.  So many wild spirits are blessed to live out their lives in peace and dignity thanks to these kind and benevolent individuals.  Thanks to them, many who cannot speak for themselves live a “Feel Good Sunday” each and every day.  They are a blessed bunch.” ~ R.T.

When Dream the horse first came to the sanctuary, she was very weak, and needed a lot of help. But even though she was so sick, she was determined to get healthy again, no matter what it took. Her rescuer, Clare, fed her lots of hay, took her on walks, and gave her a ton of love… but it was the help of a special donkey that finally got Dream to her old, happy self!

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