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Feel Good Sunday: Video~It’s Gonna Take A Ton Of Rescuers To Save This Horse!

The Dodo Kids

How many rescuers does it take to save a horse from a canal? The answer is: a TON! Watch as a whole team of rescuers comes together to swim, pull and slide this horse to safety. And wait ’til the end when the horse tells them just how happy he is to be rescued!

Rescued! tells the stories of real-life animal rescues — some dangerous, some thrilling, but all with the happiest of endings. Kids and toddlers who love animals will love these real-life stories about hero rescuers saving dogs, cats, pigs and more!

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  1. I was appalled that they were apparently trying to haul the horse out by pulling on his mouth!!! Can you imagine the pain and probable damage to his mouth if they had persisted? And to start with, that looks like a terrible, punishing bit. Glad he got out safely, though.

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