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Video: Crews Rescue a Horse and a Pony Trapped for hours after a California Mudslide

SALINAS, California (KGO/Meredith)

Video captured the dramatic rescues of a horse and pony that were caught in the mud after a big mudslide in California.

Crews came the aid of the animals in Monterey County Thursday, after they’d been stuck for as long as 18 hours.

It happened on Limekiln Road in Salinas, California where the stormy weather caused a large debris flow.

SPCA Monterey County rescuers brought the horse and pony to the SPCA for care and to be treated by Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic Veterinarians.

“Due to their condition, they are now being transported to Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic for overnight care,” the SPCA said in a statement.

When the owners found the horses, they immediately flagged down passing fire departments and contacted SPCA Monterey County for help.

Hayward Fire Department, Fremont Fire Department, Alameda Fire Department, Fresno Fire Department, Marina Fire Department, Monterey County Regional Fire District, Monterey County Public Works, and more contributed to the efforts.

“We also thank all the kind neighbors who responded with shovels and other tools to help, and Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic,” said the SPCA. SPCA Monterey County called this an “amazing rescue,” and thanked the team of agencies involved.

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