Equine Rescue

Feel Good Sunday: Video~Horse With Overgrown Hooves Rescued From Barn

Source: The Dodo

This pony was alone in a barn for 10 years — his hooves were so long he could barely walk. But he’s about to walk out into the sun and feel the grass for the very first time.

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  1. We must work at our State legislative levels to move animals like the ones in the article out of their status as livestock w/o rights & protections for decent treatment. We need an ‘honest broker’ to bring together the middle-income family farmers/ranchers who are eking-out a living while mega-corporations are running factory farms & feedlots & slaughterhouses breeding diseases like COVID and infecting vulnerable populations.

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    • Agreed. This evidently was a stallion which may explain his isolation, but he was not starved so not abandoned. Meaning someone was looking after him on a daily basis, yet this massive neglect and (yes) torture for a social and sentient animal was considered okay by at least some people. It is more or less a miracle he was discovered and recovered. I see a key problem is that we have commodified all life, including our own. Where is our sense of reverence for Creation?

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