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In Memory: Another Voice for the Wild Horses & Burros Crosses the Bridge

“Regrettably, the friends and volunteers of Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Straight from the Horse’s Heart were informed that longtime WH&B advocate Marybeth Devlin passed away last weekend. 

As we age, along with the  movement/crusade, we lose fellow soldiers along the way…but their parting is not a defeat or surrender.  Instead, their passing and the legacy that they left behind spurs us on to further validate their efforts and to set the bar even higher for those who will tread the trail  behind us, it is what we do.

May Marybeth rest, peacefully, knowing that her lifelong efforts have made a difference and that the trail she blazed is one that we will continue to follow in earnest.  Thank you and may you rest peacefully in God’s hands.” ~ R.T.

photo donated by Carol Walker in memory of Marybeth.


Debbie Coffey:

“In memory of Marybeth Devlin

This is in tribute to Marybeth Devlin, one of the best researchers working on behalf of our wild horses and burros, who passed away last weekend.

Marybeth was a guest on Wild Horse & Burro Radio along with Craig Downer and Jesica Johnston,

Marybeth spent endless hours doing research and wrote many articles.  Here are links to some of her articles:

Marybeth Devlin hammers the BLM’s plans to rip out the ovaries of wild mares

Researcher Marybeth Devlin’s comments to BLM’s National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) spreads false information in New York Times OpEd, but researcher Marybeth Devlin counters his opinion with facts

Researcher Marybeth Devlin corrects the misinformation in a biased OpEd written by Barry L. Perryman

I remember that Marybeth also often took the time to call into the Modoc-Washoe Experimental Stewardship Committee meetings (a little known meeting where livestock special interests dictate the fates of wild horses in California and Nevada), to listen and comment on behalf of the wild horses.

Marybeth was very intelligent, and dedicated many hours of her life, and her incredible energy, to help wild horses and burros.  And, she was a very sweet person.”

Grandma Gregg:

“I am very saddened to learn about our loss of Marybeth. Not only have we lost a friend but the universe has lost a person with a heart of gold. It was my pleasure in the past few years to spend countless hours and days and months working together researching and spreading the truth about our wild horses and burros. Her dedication for our wild ones will be greatly missed but we will continue on … which is what I am sure Marybeth would want. She is and will forever be greatly missed.”

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  1. I’ve read so much written by Marybeth Devlin over the years – always made me better informed and I knew from what she wrote, how much she cared about the Wild Horses. The world was a far better place with her in it. I didnt know her personally, but I sure would have liked to.
    I do know she will be watching over “her” wild horses and all of us. We need to do her proud!

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  2. Marybeth greatly contributed to the Wild Ones in so many ways. Craig Downer and I filed a law suit against BLM last Fall regarding the Wyoming Red Desert Round up. We could have never completed the legal action without Marybeth’s amazing support. Thank you so much for the Tribute to honor such a caring and talented person. May you be galloping in Spirit World with the Wild Ones Marybeth.

    James Anaquad Kleinert

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  3. I am truly deeply saddened to hear we have lost such a wonderful wild horse and burro advocate. I regrettably never got the pleasure to meet Mary Beth, but for years read her intelligent and well-researched comments and write-ups and respected so much her research and the time she gave to our wild ones. She will be greatly missed.

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  4. I am deeply saddened to hear that Marybeth has passed away. Marybeth and I collaborated over the last several years, on the use of PZP on Canada’s wild horses. She was always extremely knowledgeable, very helpful, very generous, and very encouraging. I found a true kindred spirit in Marybeth, in our mutual desire to protect and preserve the few remaining wild horses, as they were meant to be, free to roam, free to live, free forever. Rock on Marybeth, rock on.

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    • The wild ones and wild lands here on earth will miss her greatly, along with those of us who labor in her path. May her spirit be reunited with those who’ve gone before – and continue to inspire us.

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  5. It was an honor to have known and worked with Marybeth Devlin. She was thoroughly dedicated to America’s wonderful wild horses and burros and was a brilliant spokesperson for them. Her trenchant exposes included crunching the numbers to prove how unjustly they are being treated. She enabled the facts and figures to speak for themselves and by doing so helped bring much needed reforms. The record of her concise analyses, penetrating conclusions and wise recommendations shall remain a real asset in the ongoing defense of these national heritage species and their legal rights to live freely and naturally and to have the appropriate long-term-viable habitats wherein they can realize their healing roles within the community of life. It has been a genuine privilege to call Marybeth Devlin my friend. — May God bless and keep her as she goes forth upon her special path. –Dear friend and co-striver, may you reach your goals and may all your wonderful dreams come true!

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  6. I am so saddened by the loss of Mary Beth. She cared about America’s wild horses and burros. She spend hours of her life
    on our Earth researching and documenting the numbers of our wild horses and burros and the miscalculations of our government allowing our government in collusion with profiteers on our public lands to deny them their rightful lives and resources for survival.
    Mary Beth now joins the many, many wild horses and burros who have gone before her. We will miss you Mary Beth but we will
    continue in your name to advocate for the wild horses and burros. We will work to try to reach the deft ears of our government who also colluded with European profiteers to destroy our Native American Indians and our Blacks, to deny them their resources, to kill them and to render them to marginalized living in reservations, ghettos, and for our horses and burros in barren corrals…WHAT FOR…for their insensitive willingness to take a stand. Be in peace, Mary Beth. We love you

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  7. Though I never met Marybeth her work on behalf of our wild ones was always top notch and thorough.

    She has left some mighty large hoofprints for us all to follow, if we are able for it.

    Gallop with God, Marybeth!

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  8. Marybeth was a scholar and tireless warrior for the wild horses and burros. Her capacity to research the facts, the science and the law in support of them was admirable. I had the honor of working with her on a TRO Civil suit to stop the Red Desert Roundup and she brought a level of professionalism to the case that was stellar. She fought hard to relay the facts and science in regards to the harm of pzp and never compromised on her convictions as to what was good and bad, right and just for our wild horses and burros. Marybeth will be sorely missed amongst our wild horse advocacy but her great works will carry on in our fight for justice for the wild ones. May your spirit soar in your next adventure in spirit dear one..🌈

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