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Not so Good ~ Feel Good Sunday: The Winds of Destruction

“It’s been an outrageously ugly and painful week for America and her citizens.  Bright, young lives ripped from the earth for no reason other than senile old men making baseless decisions ruled by stubbornness, politics and money.  It is shameful, embarrassing and inexcusable.  Enough is enough.

And the pain is about to be elevated, right here on our homeland, as mother earth rears her angry head and unleashes a monster storm on the State of Louisiana that cannot seem to catch a break, a target year after year, yet she endures.

16 years ago this very moment Terry, myself along 3 of the horses that still live with us, today, on our small plot of land well outside of Houston, TX were in Lafayette, LA awaiting the arrival of a killer storm that turned the south upside down; Katrina.  I sat and wrote a few words about the waiting, and they appear in our book, “Straight from the Horse’s Heart: a spiritual ride through Love, Loss and Hope”.

We share those words with you, this morning, as our friends in Louisiana await yet another monster storm and pause to wonder what the future may bring.

Brothers and Sisters, we are with you in spirit and prayer.

Stay safe.” ~ R.T.


The Winds of Destruction

The horses have been turned loose in the pasture, the hanging plants have been secured, the wind chimes are down, and all equipment is securely stowed.  Now, all that is left to do is wait; wait for the storm to do what it will do.

Churning viciously out in the Gulf of Mexico is a monster the size of three states – a furious beast that breathes rain, hail, and destruction at the rate of over 165 miles per hour.  It’s the stuff that science fiction movies are made of.  We wait; for what, we do not know.

We could have left; we had time.  In fact, I tried to persuade my bride to depart with her cat yesterday morning, but she would not leave me and the rest of our family.  She seems to feel that she needs to be with us.  I, however, feel otherwise.  We recently bought a four-horse slant load trailer just for this purpose.  Now that we have five horses sharing our lives with us, we opted to stay and await our destiny.

This is not new to me.  A Florida resident for several decades, I have been through my fair share of hurricanes.  In fact, we are in better shape now as Laughing Horse Farm is hooked up to a new, state-of-the-art generator that will keep us in power long after those who have lost theirs are sweltering in the heat.  All is well and good; that is, if anything is still left standing.

Why are we here; what is running through the minds of the horses?  They know that something is wrong; they smell it, they feel it.  Why are we here?  Why do we live with the thought of total destruction of all material goods and the potential loss of life in the back of our minds?  What made us stay?

The outer rain bands of the storm are swirling violently over our heads and the winds are picking up.  As the sun sets, it casts an eerie pall over the landscape; its fractured light bounces off from the massive thunderstorms.  There is a feeling of impending doom in the air; you can cut it with a knife.  The horses are running anxiously in the pasture while the cows are crying out from behind.  They know.

Why are we here?

What will come?

We have lost control and submit.

We pray for those souls that may soon depart.

We are only mortal and cannot change what is certain destiny.

We are diminished by the size and the immensity of what looms over our heads.

We are humbled by the realization that we are not supreme in any way shape or form.

We only do what we can.

Why are we here?

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  1. And yet humans continue to ignore what is happening to this earth! I agree with you about the young lives lost just so old – mostly white – men can have their wars. I’m relieved that finally an attempt is made to get out of this 20 year old one. But it aint going to be easy. No matter who is “in charge”. Listening to the rhetoric – as little as possible – the same rhetoric that got us into these wars & into the war between “sides” regarding the vaccine and masks. Sorry – RT – but it all seems to be one whole stinky mess. Then watching roundup after roundup and thousands of beautiful lives changed forever? Its discouraging.


    • Why does the phrase ‘mostly white’ have to be included in that sentence? I am so tired of race baiting and ugliness. Stupid is stupid whether black, white, brown, or purple. If I said something that Obama did that I disagree with and then added something about him being partially black wouldnt that be wrong? We need to not notice the color of someone’s skin. Period.


      • I apologize if that was the way it sounded to you – but honestly look at the makeup of our Congress – and NOW its more diverse than it ever was – NOW.. It would be wonderful if we indeed “did NOT notice the color of anyone’s skin” & that would be ideal, wouldnt it? I’m afraid this particular forum isnt the one for that conversation and I again apologize to you & to RT if I unintentionally started one .
        The roundups, the dangerous weather for all of us including wildlife really should be the main objective now.


  2. God’s blessings and protection to you all, even though we have brought these traumas upon ourselves through ignorance and lavish materialism. The stupidity of wars condoning starvation and murder upon our fellow human beings, for politics?
    So stupid fighting for the very dirt we will be buried in within a few short years.
    The peoples of the world need to be standing together for this planet and the future generations, and not being separated by skin, race and mistrust that is becoming more ramped since the advent of this disease.


    • My apologies for hijacking my own post. My intent was to highlight how horrible the week had been and then the threat of Ida and my concern for all the people and critters who were in the same place and mind set that we have been in multiple times. My fail…


      • Nope – no apologies necessary – no fail! Your intent was made clear. Mine – kind of off kilter, I guess. Your posts are always always on point RT – this is one of my favorite places to “go”! With like minded people who have much more wild horse experience than I do – always learn much here.

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