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Feel Good Sunday: Video~The Smallest Horse In The World Sits At… The Dinner Table?

The Dodo: Little but Fierce

The smallest horse in the world can’t stop following his rescue dad around, he even tries to follow him to work!

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  1. Oh my gosh – what a wonderful story. The little guy is certainly worth it, and I’m glad his family could see it, and took him in. I loved to see him running like a horse too.

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  2. Tomorrow (9/15) is the start of Jackson Mountain HMA roundup – still time to comment there. Plus the “new off-limits facility” the BLM is proposing:
    A new off-limits to public view facility proposed (comments open through Sept 17)

    If you havent already, there is time to comment in both places. Not that it will change anything, I guess. But NOT doing it would make me feel so guilty.

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