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Posted by Elaine Nash

How can I tell if my saddle fits my horse, and what do I do about it if it doesn’t?

This is VERY short notice, but… this event was originally organized just for equine rescue directors.  We want the information that will be shared to benefit as many horses as possible, so in the interest of equines everywhere – we just bought more Zoom space just so that we can invite everyone who’d like to join us.

Please join us this Wednesday for an engaging presentation about how to recognize that your horses may silently be enduring saddle-related pain and discomfort, and how you can spare them future difficulties caused by ill-fitting saddles.

Even high-level equestrians can miss key clues that result in their horses not feeling their best or being able to do their best under saddle. By developing a better understanding how your saddle actually feels to your horse when he/she is in motion, you can make the experience of being ridden better for your horse, and you don’t have to buy an expensive new saddle to do it.

Have you ever wondered why your horse doesn’t move as feely when you’re riding as when on his own out in the pasture?  This will explain that, and will show – via live ‘in the field’ demos’, why that happens and how to ‘fix’ it.  And in case you’re wondering, this is not just another a ‘Buy our brand of saddle to fix your saddle fit problems.’ kind of presentation.’

Letitia Glenn has spearheaded a two-decade-long research project on saddles and how to make them fit in a way that allows healthy natural movement of horses without pain or restriction. In connection with her mission to alleviate saddle-related trauma among horses, she has used critical findings to develop insightful strategies and measures that can relieve damaging pressure on horses while they are moving under a saddle and rider—a different process from fitting horses based on their physique while standing still.

Custom fitted saddles can be a great solution, but Letitia understands that it’s not feasible for most riders to have custom fit saddles made for their horses. She will share important principles to help riders confidently assess basic saddle-related issues so they can set up saddle equipment in a way that helps horses be as comfortable as possible under their riders—sometimes even incorporating items that everyone already has on hand to enhance well-being for the horse.  And – as a plus, attendees can even arrange for one-on-one time with Letitia for additional help later (yep, for free), using an online system she developed to make it possible to help more people sort out their saddle issues.

A longtime advocate for using positive reinforcement training and humane, “horse-approved” equipment, Letitia Glenn is the founder and owner of Natural Horseman Saddles and Contour Saddlery in Ocala, Florida.

This event is sponsored by Home for Horses Coalition is the national organization of equine rescue directors, with over 500 members. Laura Hauenstein, HHC Advisory Board member and executive director of Reality’s Chance Rescue and Sanctuary in Pleasant Lake, Michigan, will be joining Letitia in Ocala to assist her during this important webinar event.

Click here to register:

Space is limited to 500 attendees.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

12:00 PM (PDT) / 3:00 PM (EDT)

Length: Approximately one and one-half hours

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  1. Yes this IS a really important question & problem a lot of people have.
    But I just got an email from Chilly Pepper & she has so many horses (wild) being brought to the shippers – all headed to slaughter – unless she can save just a FEW! She has to make the decision by the 25th – which she can afford to take. It costs so much to bail, vet & care for every one and far too many have awful injuries which makes the vetting more expensive.
    I apologize for adding all this sadness to what should be a good helpful chance for many people who ride.
    I guess, since I dont anymore, my outlook has changed quite a lot. Now I dont have any way to have my hands ON horses – can only do my little bit to help the people (and Laurie certainly deserves help) who save horses.


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