The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Video~Baby Donkey Loves Snuggling On Couch With Dad

Source: The Dodo

“Walter just can’t get enough of his Peeps.”

To learn more about Walter and his family’s adventures, you can follow him here:

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  1. This is the comment I sent today to our “representatives” – Cloud Foundation requested that our Democratic reps be prodded to take action FINALLY. Do I believe it will make a difference? Not sure, but frankly, if more of us dont “prod” Congress to wake up – nothing will happen.

    “To say that this government agency is irresponsible is an understatement. Their actions are deliberate – as they have been for decades – the object in the removal & warehousing of these Wild (WILD) Horses has always been to make more “pasture” & forage available for livestock. Even though cattle are a NON-NATIVE species and Wild Horses are a NATIVE species – the push is on to remove herds down to a number of animals, guaranteeing that the mares who have been treated with PZP & the larger ratios of stallions to mares will cause in-breeding & damage to genetics of the herds.
    The grazing allotment “program” has never been self-sufficient – we, the taxpayers have always had to make up the difference between the ridiculous rate of $1.35/cow/calf pair a month & the millions of dollars this program actually costs. Between that rate and the many subsidies given to the livestock industry is a million dollar boondoggle! Added to this is the damage & destruction done to our public lands – OUR public lands – OUR National Forests – OUR National Monuments. Oh yes, livestock are presently grazing in all of these areas. But then, the livestock lobby is huge & backed by millions. So what does this say as to who our representatives are listening to?
    Its not only the range & riparian areas that are being devastated – but wildlife habitat & the wildlife itself. I imagine not much thought is given to the slaughter of predators – WILD predators – in order to protect these same cattle & sheep. Not to mention, the buffalo who are culled & quarantined – just in case they test positive for brucellosis (cattle disease) and the transmittal of this disease to cattle has NEVER been proven. Or what about Bighorn Sheep – another wild species that is infected with pneumonia – transmitted from domestic sheep!
    Far too much damage is being done by the livestock industry – perhaps its time our “representatives” did something about it – rather than again kicking the can down the road. Climate change has been and IS happening & this industry is causing it to happen faster. There are solutions to truly managing our Wild Horses & Burros – isnt it time someone in government started LISTENING?”

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