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Thank You Veterans: Wild police chase video salutes World War II veterans

Source: By Gary Gastelu as published on  Fox News

Travis Pastrana and Black Rifle Coffee Company honor America’s heroes…

Pastrana and Carapetyan are professional rally and off-road racers. (Black Rifle Coffee Co.)

Travis Pastrana is honoring America’s veterans by chasing a World War II veteran around a Texas town in a police car. But it’s all for fun, and a good cause.

The racing and stunt driver teamed up with Black Rifle Coffee Co. for a new promotional video celebrating Veterans Day.

The spot was shot on the streets of Boerne, where the veteran-owned coffee and lifestyle brand is based.

Pastrana plays Sheriff Pastrami, who is driving his Subaru Brat police car in hot pursuit of Hank, a World War II veteran portrayed by fellow off-road racer “Texas” Dave Carapetyan. Hank stole a modified Jeep Wrangler to take on a joyride after getting an unusual prescription from his doctor.

The chase includes all the tire burning mayhem you’d expect from a Pastrana video, if not a Brat. But it’s no ordinary Brat.

The classic compact pickup was built for the video by the folks at Hoonigan, the same crew behind Pastrana and Ken Block’s famous viral Gymkhana videos.

The car’s designer, Josh Hall, told Fox News Digital that it’s actually a fifth-generation Corvette that’s been modified and equipped with a Brat body and a 650 horsepower V8.

It was finished the day before the shoot started, and Pastrana said his first time behind the wheel was in the parking lot that night.

“It was the best four days of my life learning to drive that thing, which is a lot different from the all-wheel-drive rally cars I’m used to being in,” Pastrana said, adding that he plans to make the car his daily driver.

The Jeep is also powered by a V8 that helped turn it into a drift machine.

Along the way, the pair encounter a trio of actual World War II veterans who are featured in the spot, Ronald “Rondo” Scharfe, who served as a Navy fireman, Bill Casassa, who was in the Army, and Wallace “Wally” King, an officer in the Army Air Corps.

“We wanted to bring amazing folks in for the video,” which also highlights the Best Defense Foundation that supports veterans, company co-founder Mat Best said.

“I hope it brings awareness to World War II veterans so people continue to understand the sacrifice they made for their country.”

And as much fun as Pastrana had behind the wheel, he said meeting Scharfe, Casassa and King was the highlight of the project.

“The coolest part was at the end of the day when the crew, many of them veterans, gathered around the guys to listen to their stories,” Pastrana said.

“They’re in their 90s, but are all fit and funny and can hold an audience. It really put a smile on everyone’s face.”

They were also still up for some excitement.

“I asked them if they wanted me to take them drifting in the car, and they were like, ‘Let’s go!'”

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