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R.T. Fitch

R.T. Fitch, author of "Straight from the Horse's Heart" and President/Co-Founder of 'Wild Horse Freedom Federation' ~ putting People between Wild Equines and Extinction

Wild Horses as Native North American Wildlife

By Jay F. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. and Patricia M. Fazio, Ph.D. Are wild horses truly “wild,” as an indigenous species in North America, or are they “feral” weeds – barnyard escapees, far removed genetically from their prehistoric ancestors? The question at hand is, therefore, whether or not modern horses, […]

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85 abused horses rescued in Oklahoma

by Gan Matthews WYNNEWOOD, Oklahoma — Garvin County authorities are dealing with the largest case of horse abuse they have ever seen after 85 horses were rescued near Pauls Valley. The horses, many of whom were in poor health, now reside at the Wynnewood rodeo grounds. Authorities said they […]

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Habitat for Horses Struggling

Habitat for Horses could use your help Bonham, TX – With 76 horses rescued from a ranch in Denton County and 23 taken from a ranch in Fannin County, animal rescue groups are struggling to stay afloat. The Humane Society reported they are under a lot of financial […]

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