The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Halloween is only an Excuse to Embarrass your Equine Companions

It’s that time of year again where humans dress their defenseless little two and four legged children in unimaginable costumes in an effort to forever damage their frail egos and to humiliate the living crap out of them.  (Sniff) it is shameless what is done and as a male who cares about the mental integrity and emotional well being of our four legged charges I will have nothing to do with this alleged custom and will continue to protect our hairy kids from such abuse…but, the photos below are worth a giggle or two.  It all goes to prove that some people just have way too much time on their hands.  Have fun.” ~ R.T.




Invisible Horse

Kid-Safe Pony


Frozen Trio

Little Bo Peep and Her Sheep

Rocking Horse


Carousel Horse

Breyer Horse and Rider


Superman and Superwoman

Tiny Scarecrow

Fish and Angler


Skeleton Horse


Cousin It

Harry Potter

Mary Poppins and Her Carousel Horse

Kermit Driving Miss Piggy

Mermaid and Her Seahorse

A Pony in Jail

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  1. Incredible imagination on the part of the humans and incredible patience, tolerance and willingness on the part of the four-legged “kids”.


  2. I have to agree with GG – INCREDIBLE patience & tolerance! For all of these equines to put up with all of these “attachments”? Really patient!


  3. This was cute, considering that they are not hurting them, the horses wouldn’t stand for it if it hurt. what is a little fun. The horses love as the human love them. Not trying to kill, beat, or dismember them.


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