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Demand an End to the War on Wolves

Source: The Center of Biological Diversity “Here at SFTHH our main concerns lie with the future safety and welfare of Equines be they domestic or wild but with that said, our love for all creatures great and small is not diminished by our hooved focus.  So many times […]

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House Votes to Evict Native Elk From National Park in California to Prioritize Private Cattle Ranching

Source: Center for Biological Diversity “This shortsighted bill endangers hundreds of elk while handing control of irreplaceable coastal open space over to private interests…” WASHINGTON— The House of Representatives rammed through legislation today that would allow hunting or eviction of native tule elk from large portions of Point […]

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Scientists Agree: It’s Time To End The War On Wildlife

“Wild horses and burros survived centuries in perfect balance and harmony without the intervention of humans. The removal of natural predators upsets the natural balance and the crisis rolls downhill initiating even more violent intervention by humans. If we, as humans, would step back and cease attempting to manage something that does not require to be controlled the world would be a much better place to live for humans and animals alike. Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

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