The Force of the Horse

Demand an End to the War on Wolves

Source: The Center of Biological Diversity

“Here at SFTHH our main concerns lie with the future safety and welfare of Equines be they domestic or wild but with that said, our love for all creatures great and small is not diminished by our hooved focus.  So many times you will see articles, here, regarding the cruelty rained down upon other wild ones from whales and dolphins to buffalos and wolfs, where our shared outcry lands today.  Please, be a voice, be a shining star for those who cannot defend themselves from the two-legged predators.  Please, help in anyway you can as I fear that we are rapidly murdering and destroying our fellow passengers on this spaceship called Earth.  It won’t be long and this is going to be a very lonely place, indeed.” ~ R.T.

The future of America’s wolves is being decided right now.

wolf(c) 2002-2006 Richard Jackson Wildlife Photography

The Trump administration is taking comments on its official plan to strip away protection from nearly every single wolf in the lower 48 states.

Please take a moment to tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that you oppose this plan and want wolves to recover.

Here’s why this is so important: After nearly being driven extinct, wolves today live in only a fraction of their historic range in the lower 48. The feds’ plan would pull the plug on 40 years of wolf recovery and leave these beautiful, intelligent animals vulnerable to trophy hunts, trapping, poisoning and persecution.

If we walk away from them now, they’ll never return to places like Colorado and the Adirondacks, and the recovery that’s just begun in California would come to a halt.

You have a chance to stop this disastrous plan and help ensure a real future for America’s wolves. Please take a few moments to submit your comments and speak out for wolves from coast to coast.

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  1. So disgusting! The destruction of our wildlife and environment is off the charts! This Administration is killing animals and people faster than any other in history! And yet with all that has happened and continues to happen, they appear unstoppable. What is the matter with people? Some need to wake up! Let’s give the Orange Julius 5 or 6 billion for a stupid wall cut the funding for Special Olmpics, round up horses and burros sending them off to slaughter and try to take away pre-existing conditions from folks insurance! Unreal! I guess people will only take action when it effects them and the hell with the rest!


  2. We can sign petitions all day long. You have to pay these politicians to get what you want. I damn sure do not count, in this country.


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