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Donkey’s July 4 death may prompt new laws on loud noises

By Dom Calicchio | Fox News

The noise was probably too much for Sammy the Donkey, a Georgia farmer says.

John Bogino of Seven Gables Farm, north of Atlanta, says Sammy (short for Sambuca) probably couldn’t take the explosions from nearby Fourth of July fireworks.

“The sounds were really loud, and I suspect he got scared out there and probably died of fright or heart attack,” Bogino told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Bogino says he wishes people would think about animals before they organize such holiday celebrations — especially in farming areas.

Just two years ago, the mayor of Milton, Ga., asked the city’s equestrian committee to work with state lawmakers on potential solutions to protect livestock and other animals, the newspaper reported.

Prior to the holiday, the city emailed the following message: “While the sights and sounds are exciting for most of us, fireworks can be less enjoyable for both large and small animals.”

While Sammy couldn’t be saved, Bogino is hoping other animals will be spared next time there’s a loud celebration in town.

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  1. Not a big fan of fireworks anymore – having had more than one dog who was terrified & boarded at a barn where the owners actually did fireworks on the 4th! Thankfully most of the horses were already turned out & safely on the other side of a hill. That kind of experience sort of turned me off – permanently!

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