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Horse Sense Lacking

For Ann Romney, riding has been helpful in dealing with her multiple sclerosis. Indeed, horseback riding is a commonly recommended activity for MS sufferers. Because the natural walking gait of the horse is similar to a human’s, riding helps restore balance, coordination and posture, all of which can be affected by the disease’s assault on the spine and central nervous system.

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Ann Romney’s Horse Comes in Third in Olympic Qualifying Event

“My apologies as I am not waxing political on you here, although our current President has done NOTHING to help our horses, but it is difficult to find good equine news to share with you on Sunday. There are a lot of things that we need to accomplish over the next 48 hours but for today, this is a story of a woman who sought out horses, late in life, and they healed her in a way that only horses can. This is success story and we as advocates are fortunate that someone in the political spotlight is pro-horse and understands the spiritual connection that we share with our equine partners. Politics aside, Ann Romney’s story is one of success and could even help to elevate our nation’s understanding and appreciation for the American horse, both wild and domestic, that we love and know so well. Have a great Sunday as tomorrow it is back to work. Be safe and keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

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What is the BLM Hiding?

by Steven Long, editor of Horseback Magazine Contractor Denies Horseback Request for Access to BLM Gather HOUSTON, (HORSEBACK) – Horseback Magazine requested access an upcoming Wyoming BLM roundup, even offering a signed release by our observer and photographer if they were permitted to watch the operation up close […]

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