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Life Skills Improved When Horses are Involved

Source: HorseTalk

“The partnership that youth form with their horses demonstrates the mental development that benefits youth for years to come…”

“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and what better way to revel in the day but to spend it with our companion horses and also to witness the magic that they work, not only with ourselves but with our young ones, our future…and this fine article does just that.  Relax, recharge and we will see you on the battlefield, once again, tomorrow. Keep the faith” ~ R.T.

A scientific study has revealed that an involvement with horses boosts the life skills of young people. Horses, the study found, acted as both teachers and friends for young people.

KidsNHorsesThe US study, using a simple linear regression analysis, even managed to quantify the improvement in life skills.

The study indicated that about 25% of youths’ life skills development are attributable to their development of horsemanship skills.

The Impact of Equine Activities on Youth Development Study was conducted by the Pennsylvania State University Department of Dairy and Animal Science in co-operation with the American Youth Horse Council, 4-H, the American Quarter Horse Youth Association, United States Pony Clubs and the National High School Rodeo Association.

The American Youth Horse Council has long believed that involvement with horses had a positive impact on youth, but evidence to support the claim had been limited.

Youths who learnt horsemanship skills showed better decision-making, thinking, communicating, goal-setting and problem solving.

Working with horses helped them develop positive values and life skills that are transferred to a young person’s daily life.

The organisations who co-operated in the research represented more than 450,000 youths.

The findings will hardly come as a surprise to parents such as Samantha Armstrong. “The daughter who won’t lift a finger in the house is the same child who cycles madly off in the pouring rain to spend all morning mucking out a stable,” she says.

Aside from life skills, young people also benefit through the physical demands of riding and horse care.

Horseback riding is a complex and demanding physical sport,” the report says.

“Riders develop coordination, balance, fine motor skills, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and can improve posture and cardiovascular health.

“Additionally, the daily care of horses further develops physical fitness and instills a source of regular physical activity in a child’s life.

“The partnership that youth form with their horses demonstrates the mental development that benefits youth for years to come.

“Horseback riding teaches teamwork in a very immediate way. Communication between the horse and rider is key to translating cues from the rider to the action of the horse.

“Development of this communication process requires the rider to be attentive to their mount and to process many visual, tactile and auditory inputs.”…CONTINUED

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  1. Man has from the beginning of time has had a close relation with horses. They have always been there for us no matter the situation. Over time a bond has been created, a kindred spirit. Unfortunately some don’t see it, or want to. They only see flesh and blood,,,nothing more.

    I feel sorry for those folks…they don’t know what they’re missing!


  2. horses have been there for us with attributes that are amazing, magical , mystical and down right life saving !!!!!! Mind saving proof positive , everyone of us here has a story to tell what the horses have done for us personally !!! I am betting every story will defy the imagination !!! Sure wish everyone here would elaborate their story !!!!!! God made them with amazing Perfection , in which each one of us knows, those who choose to ignore I do feel very sorry for they are truly missing one of lives true pure innocent pleasures for which there is no substitute…… when I am even just near them I can feel the Magic filling the air and filling my senses , unbelievable calmness with patience, spirit,inspiration and love of Freedom and life itself!!! showing such perfection in every aspect !!!!!! You will find no selfiousness or greed,only love, of Freedom and life they are the Ambassadors of it …… Thank God for the horses everyday !!!!! Give back to the horses all they give !!!!!!! without reservation ……………. STAND for them as they STAND for you !!!!!! Looking for a healer , they are always available , have no hours ,give no pills, never any side effects worse then your problem , only results and as always there is no charge !!!!!!


    • Today, to many kids are off in their own worlds-on cell phones with head phones on-texting-I remember seeing a family get out of the car one day to go shopping, looked like great grandma, grandma, mom and daughter-the daughter was walking behind on her phone-not even interacting with her female family-how are kids supposed to learn from their elders or even how to interact with other human beings. I think all kids should be required to interact with animals, it teaches responsiblity, love and caring like no other experience can.
      I know many of us hear-grew up wanting to be a cowboy(even though we are mostly girls) we wore our Anne Oakely outfits-played cowboys and indians-and rode our stick horses and many had fond memories of cowboy shows(had our special heros) and horse cartoons – hear are two of my favorites just for all us grown up cowboy wanna be horse loving gals.~~~~~~


  3. It’s somewhat sad to me that it takes a “scientific” study to reveal what horse people instinctively and spiritually know. Animals are God’s true innocents. They are pure in their thoughts and actions and can teach, heal, and inspire with their essence. Our relationship with horses is indeed unique and special; unlike no other. When considering their size and strength, there is nothing more humbling than their willingness to harness that power and learn to care for and bond with us. A partnership with a horse developed through patience, understanding, and mutual respect, is like nothing else on earth. The fact that we can possess and share this knowledge is in relation to achieving enlightenment and awareness in life. For those who have yet to achieve that status, there is an awareness void and lack of spiritual understanding. Until they are willing to open their hearts and minds to the true meaning of love and life, they will never be able to experience or understand the complete joy and fulfillment that having a partnership with horses/animals will bring.


  4. Thanks again Geri for making Sunday fun !!!!!!!Bothof those are light hearted and funny but the message is awesome !!!!!


  5. We have known all along how horses have been incredible teachers, motivators, the magical quality of their personalities have had a great impact on all of us at different stages through out our lives. I am so amazed by my horses every day I learn something. They are constantly teaching me and yes they are special indeed for children will learn incredible skills working with horses. I encourage children and adults to be involved with horses. Keep on learning and protecting them. The more you are aware of them they will teach you volumes. Mine certainly have through out the years. Feel good about your loving and gentle caring with every horse you meet. Touch them and they will lighten your day. Put a huge smile on your face when you are so sad. They understand your thoughts more than you realize. Mine do. Let save them, love them and cherish them. Stop slaughter, stop the BLM round ups forever. Let us support their lives. Horses depend on us for survival. Keep up the great work.


  6. Thanks for this one, R.T.! And to all who have written beautiful descriptions of what our relationships are with these magnificent teachers we call “horses” …. we are better for them in our lives!


  7. Thanks RT – greatly appreciated. Horses – its’ time to get the mainstream understanding the full merit of the benefit of spending time with them. “May the Force of the Horse” Be with us all.


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