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Noted Humanitarian Honored by Equine Advocates

Victoria McCullough presented with 2014 Safe Home Equine Protection Award It is “Feel Good Sunday” and we thought that we would share with our readers a personal experience that certainly made us “feel good” and we, likewise, hope that it will have the same effect upon yourselves. This […]

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The Force of the Horse®

It had been a while since they had spoken with him. They knew that he had been busy, particularly since the hurricanes. Before the storms, he used to come out and sit with them, often sharing conversation and stories over the round bale; but it had been a while. They missed the contact, but could feel the clutter in his mind and the battle raging in his soul. So they calmly waited, knowing that he would return to them. Tonight, he was sitting on the fence, thoughtfully watching them munch on the new round bale in the back pasture.

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The Advocate, the Guard and the Force of the Horse at Christmas

He checked the time again. Not an easy maneuver as he had to take his right glove off, shove the left cuff of his parka up, peel back the wrist band of his left glove and then hit the backlight button on his Casio $19.99 special. Only bought the stupid thing because of the digital thermometer feature it offered and now he wished it didn’t have it as it chilled his insides just looking at the numbers, 33 degrees inside the protection of his parka.

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